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''The Cadbury Report on Corporate Governance(Cadbury Code 1992) had serious and significant flaws that rendered it incomplete as a tool to control certain types of unscrupulous economic behaviour'' - Essay Example

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There seems to be an increasing frustration in the public regarding the business practices of publicly traded corporations. The world economy has been impacted time and time again as…
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The Cadbury Report on Corporate Governance(Cadbury Code 1992) had serious and significant flaws that rendered it incomplete as a tool to control certain types of unscrupulous economic behaviour
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Extract of sample "''The Cadbury Report on Corporate Governance(Cadbury Code 1992) had serious and significant flaws that rendered it incomplete as a tool to control certain types of unscrupulous economic behaviour''"

Download file to see previous pages As a result the investing public began to lose confidence (Colley, 2005).
Apart from the loss of valuable investments such business failures also gave rise to the loss of jobs, shattered public confidence and the decline of the savings invested in the company stock along with the fear of future corporate failures. It was after these failures that the media and the governments made a combined effort to stress on the importance of corporate governance, not just b y highlighting what had gone wrong but also brought the board of directors of the functioning corporate into the public eyes(Colley, 2005).
The Industrial Revolution was followed by a wave of capitalism. In capitalism the wealth was restricted to a particular class which continued to get wealthier whereas the remaining segment was poor. This wealth was acquired by those with flourishing businesses at the expense of their workers, customers and the public shareholders. At this point the government began to take notice of the situation and took steps to introduce measures to protected those affected in a negative way by such business practices. As capitalism developed it gave more people the opportunities to set up their businesses. Those with capital begin o to their money together to set up and sun businesses. This made them the shareholders of these businesses. As these businesses grew in size, governance became a challenge (Colley, 2005).
In order to understand what corporate governance truly is we must first understand what governance in general terms means. Once we know what governance is we can look into the history of cooperates and why the need for corporate governance was felt.
Governance generally refers to the art or the process of governing. This is a concept which in one form or the other has existed throughout the ages across all civilizations. Governance and its processes have changed over time to meet the changing environment. History has seen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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