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Astronomy - Assignment Example

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The Earth experiences a lot of erosion because of winds and rains, that the other planets and moons are deprived of and therefore, there is very less erosion that those planets experience. Besides, there are factors that play their role in eliminating erosion on other planets…
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Download file to see previous pages... Research has shown that Venus has no tectonic plates and this characteristic feature of Venus makes it quite different from Earth. In the absence of the tectonic plates, the internal heat accumulated in the mantle chooses a completely different course of action than what happens in the case of the Earth. It causes the internal temperature of the Venus to rise to a certain level. Once that level is achieved, the accumulated heat tends to weaken the Venus’s surface and it undergoes a thorough renewal over a long period of time and the cycle continues. Erosion is solely a geological process and one reason why geological activities in the Mercury and the Earth’s moon have declined is their size that is too small to keep their interiors hot enough for a geological activity to continue. “Smaller bodies, such as the Moon and Mercury, have cooled further and are not thought to be presently active, but their features tell geologists of an active past.” (www.lpi.usra.edu, 2010).
Earth is the fifth-largest planet of all in the Solar system. Its large size and distance from the Sun has contributed a lot toward the development of a unique atmosphere. The large size permits a lot of heat in the core to dwell that is ultimately released in the form of lava resulting in earthquakes, which in turn affect the atmosphere of Earth directly or indirectly. Earth is the third-distant planet from the Sun and comes after Mercury and Venus. Ozone layer is a very important part of the Earth’s atmosphere and provides it with protection against the ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by the Sun. The Ozone layer is formed as a result of the Sun’s UV rays colliding with Oxygen molecules in the atmosphere which are broken down by the UV rays to form monoatomic Oxygen which combines with other Oxygen molecules to form the Ozone layer. Besides, the distance of a planet from the Sun influences the temperature on a planet. Earth’s distance from the Sun is long enough to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In ancient civilizations constellations were used for astrology or myths. Astrology is where stars and planets are tracked in order to predict an individual or society’s future. Constellations like Orion, Mars, and Jupiter
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In 3rd century BC, Aristarchus of Samos anticipated this and later it was supported with mathematical model by great mathematician and astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. This was further sustained, intricate and lengthened by J. Kepler and Galilio Galilei who discovered
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omposed of several layers covering an extremely hot and molten mass known as Lava, which is so hot that it has maintained its heat ever since the Earth was formed. “This heat causes mantle convection and keeps Earth’s lithosphere thin, ensuring active surface geology.”
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In addition to this geological source of heat, earth is affected by the solar heat which makes the environment biologically active. What makes earth different
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People just left the subject of the cosmos because they thought the universe was under the control of gods. The Jews were the only people worshipping one God and made a predictable
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The distance between the sun and the planet and the orbital period are mathematically represented which is referred to as Kepler’s Third Law or Harmonic law. This is represented as P^2=ka^3 where p is the period, a is the
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Ten minutes later there was no change observed on the position and patterns of the stars (Hale, p. 59). The second observation was at 12: 29 pm. Star Polaris is still on the meridian and the position has not changed. The pattern of Ursa Minor had
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All the zero age main sequence stars start at the same luminosity given temperature. 2. Andromeda galaxy as spiral nebula and Andromeda galaxy with spiral were all small bodies that were part of the
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Each of these provides an elaborate argument for its existence. There is a very big difference between the top-down and bottom-up processes in the formation of galaxies and other structures. In top-down, the galaxies are formed when the dark matter becomes the
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The high energy, which went into the explosion, leads to the production of a supernova remnant. The initial expanding shell contains the outer parts of the exploding star, which move at high speeds of approximately 2000
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