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Why do people stay at ISS. (MA Human Resource Management) - Essay Example

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Since its inception in 1901 as a night watchmen service company, the organisation has undergone numerous transformations and evolutions which today include catering, disaster recovery, cleaning, property…
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Why do people stay at ISS. (MA Human Resource Management)
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"Why do people stay at ISS. (MA Human Resource Management)"

Download file to see previous pages Evidence of this leadership structure at ISS is provided by The Finance Director (2010) to include what is referred to as a multi-local approach to management. The company recognises the importance of providing localised service provision based on cultural needs. It suggests diversity as a focus for people development. The company’s vision is to “lead facility services globally – by leading facility services locally” (, 2010, p.1). ISS is decentralised (, 2010), with the intention of using people as resources to improve company position. Instances of identifying management philosophy is available throughout the organisation’s website as being transformational, defined as using charismatic personality, vision championing, and coaching as a new management philosophy (Endrissat, Muller & Meissner, 2005). In this sort of ideal environment that is people-focused, it would appear, at first glance, that employees stay with ISS because of their devotion to local culture and people development.
However, turnover in certain segments continues to increase, most noticeable in cleaning, security, landscaping, and other blue collar job roles. Is there an ongoing problem with the manual labour team that needs identification? Why are there no other areas of the business experiencing high turnover? This proposed research project seeks to identify:
The objectives chosen will provide information about whether there are cultural differences between manual and support workers that impact relationships or communications. The research intends to uncover what meaning the blue collar workers give to their job roles in relation to status, their family, or through self-analysis. In order to identify why people stay at ISS, it is first important to identify whey they might choose to leave in favour of other employment and see if these identified needs are present in the manual worker ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Why Do People Stay at ISS. (MA Human Resource Management) Essay)
Why Do People Stay at ISS. (MA Human Resource Management) Essay.
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