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The paper "Security, Risk, and Compliance" addresses network security, in the context of risk analysis and federal guidelines. The first part introduces the problem. The second part is a literature review, in which the current research regarding this problem is explicated and condensed…
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Security, Risk, and Compliance
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Extract of sample "Security, Risk, and Compliance"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that network security is crucial to any organization.  There are many threats that come from sources, both inside the organization and outside the organization that makes a network vulnerable to attack.  Attacks can be devastating, as they might compromise sensitive information, such as customer data, leaving the customers open to identity theft, or they might cripple the organization itself. Employees also make the network vulnerable when they abuse the Internet, as it leaves the organization open for attacks that might occur when unsafe websites are visited, as well as leave the organization vulnerable for other things, such as copyright infringement when employees download copyright materials, such as songs and software. To this end, it is crucial that an organization conduct a thorough risk analysis that identifies vulnerabilities and proposes solutions to these vulnerabilities. The solutions might take the form of firewalls, ciphering data, passwords, or a system that actively identifies threats or some combination of the above. Employee screening and monitoring are also vital for an organization to properly identify individuals who might put the organization at risk either by malice or ineptitude. To be safe, an organization must implement all of the above, keeping mind federal guidelines – proper employee screening, proper security measures, and timely risk analyses. There are many threats to network security. One of these threats is the threat that communication will be intercepted. The interception may occur in different forms, such as physically accessing network lines, to surveillance by radio-transmission. Internet communications are particularly vulnerable at network concentration points, such as routers, gateways, network servers, and switches. When information is illegally intercepted, it creates a privacy violation or a way to use the intercepted information, such as a password or credit card data, to sabotage or loot. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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