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Is about the fast food and the healthy life - Essay Example

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Marketing strategies for fast food have doubled or trebled contents increasing consumption. In the process, in the last two decades, portion sizes of commonly consumed foods have increased two to five times…
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Is about the fast food and the healthy life
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"Is about the fast food and the healthy life"

Download file to see previous pages Food manufacturers do mention the statutorily required information about the ingredients and their levels. However, the consuming public appears least concerned with amounts of food appropriate for their weight and activity levels. There is a big gap in the sensible amounts of food that can be consumed to the amounts of food actually consumed on a daily basis (Young, Lisa R and Nestle, Marion; 2003, p1).
Food manufacturers are the biggest culprits of health mismanagement in the United States. Individual intake of food is surreptitiously promoted by packages that invariably provide more than double the quantity of food necessary for one meal. “Foodservice establishments use larger dinner plates, larger pans to bake muffins and pizzas, and larger containers for sodas and fries” (Young, Lisa R and Nestle, Marion; 2003, p2).
Customers are not inclined to measure the exact quantity of food they are supposed to consume over one meal course. Normally, food is consumed on the basis of individual likes and no statutory rules are broken if the customer consumes more of a particular food he likes. Adequate portion sizes relevant for a meal marked on the labels are not seriously noted. This state of affairs happens on a very wide scale involving a huge segment of the population anywhere in the world.
However, science provides information on the portions of each food that could be safely consumed. Excess food invariably adds to the calories and sooner than later leverage disease-prone organs such as kidneys and the heart with impure blood and once set it becomes difficult to root them out.
“There are short-term studies showing that controlling portion sizes helps limit calorie intake, particularly when eating high-calorie foods. What is missing from the research is whether people monitor portion sizes and consistently chooses to eat recommended serving sizes, thus consuming the appropriate amount of calories for maintaining or losing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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