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Discuss the effective use of colour in creative/artistic work - Essay Example

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These artists have left a remarkable impact on the art lovers. Everyone in this world has an aim to do something and the artists have an aim to enlighten the world…
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Discuss the effective use of colour in creative/artistic work
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"Discuss the effective use of colour in creative/artistic work"

Download file to see previous pages The issue that now arises is the use of sketches and other techniques by the artists do not correctly depict all the feelings and thoughts of an individual. However many famous artists like Pablo Picasso have made paintings which makes the use of sketches and brushes to depict their feelings and thoughts. And to depict their feelings and thoughts through sketches Picasso and other artists have been very successful. Now the question arises as to if colour has to play a role in the work of artists or not (Withrow 2004). This assignment would further tell if colour has an important role to play in the artworks by the artists or not. It would give details about the colour use in art therapies and would discuss two artists who have successfully used colour in their paintings to enlighten the audience about the real mood of the painting.
Before 17th century the use of colour in art works was not much common in the paintings. It was used only as abstracts and not particularly emphasized upon by the artists. Impressionism was prevalent in the paintings back then when only colours were used to complete the paintings. Many aspects of colour were not previously emphasized upon and because of this the artists did not use colour effectively in their works. After the twentieth century it was noted that the old impressionist behaviour was being changed and many painters started to use their techniques to modify the old school. According to artists paintings depict such a deep emotion and feeling that at times cannot even be expressed verbally. These paintings bring about a change in the audience which views it and understands the deep emotions behind the painting (Case & Daley 1992; Ganim 1999). However if an individual does not understand paintings then he will consider an artwork to be a mere proposition of images and arts. The case to be discussed here is about the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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