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The good the bad and the ugly parts of being a nursing assistant in long term care - Essay Example

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My concern for the sick and needy motivated me to become a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), enthusiasm helped to learn the technology and skills and eagerness to apply the learning. A certified nursing assistant supports the nursing staff in long-term care facilities and…
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The good the bad and the ugly parts of being a nursing assistant in long term care
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Extract of sample "The good the bad and the ugly parts of being a nursing assistant in long term care"

Download file to see previous pages The Good: Lucky to know the patients and residents better. The amount of information sharing, if time permits, about past experiences, adventures, achievements, failures etc. are enriching the life of a CNA as a listener simultaneously encouraging the other side of reviving the past or relieving the suffering. Listening is the best counseling. The difference you can make in someones life! The shift meetings, specific duties, routines, recording the vital signs, escorting patients, mobility support, assisting with eating meals etc. all hold good.
The Bad: Waking up the patients or residents, helping with dressing, bathroom, errands, severe mood or depression, injury, arguments, non-co-operative patients, and extreme physical and emotional demands as well as recording activities and incidents is at times unpleasant.
The Ugly: The evening routine of changing residents into pajamas, personal hygiene, bathroom visits, changing diapers, emptying bedpans and the emotional stress of seeing a patient or resident dying, one feels at times, unpalatable.
Conclusion: As a CNA I laugh, visit, and console patients and residents and I enjoy my work. As Suzanne Sweezy (2010) rightly said, “CNA description is not one filled with fast paced excitement or overly appreciative supervisors” but if you ask me if I enjoy being a CNA, then the answer is always a resounding ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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