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Cinematic Technique & Its Use in Les Amants Du Pont Neuf (Lovers on the Bridge) - Research Paper Example

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This paper is an analysis of cinematic techniques as they appear and occur in the movies Les Amants Du Pont-Neuf (The Lovers on the Bridge). It examines various components of the movie and identifies ways through which cinematic techniques were employed to assist in the narration of the story…
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Cinematic Technique & Its Use in Les Amants Du Pont Neuf (Lovers on the Bridge)
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Extract of sample "Cinematic Technique & Its Use in Les Amants Du Pont Neuf (Lovers on the Bridge)"

Download file to see previous pages entary element of the movie manages to capture the real sights and sounds of life of the homeless in Paris and brings the viewer in touch with how life really appears to be like for such people. In setting the scene for the plot involving Alex and Michele, the movie shows Alex returning 'home' and finding his sleeping place occupied by a strange lady. Hans, an older 'resident' of the bridge attempts to get Michele to leave but Alex prevents her eviction. Michele had run away from home after the breakup with his boyfriend and was suffering from an eye disease. Eventually, Michele gains acceptance by Hans and a series of events leads her friendship with Alex growing stronger. They eventually end up in a brawl of romance and Michele becomes part of Alex's life. Michele's family begin to look for her and her eyesight gets worse. Alex, sensing that Michele's departure from him will mean emptiness does everything she could to prevent Michele's family from finding her. The storyline of this movie is strongly enhanced by the cinematic techniques that utilizes very professional techniques and skills to tell the story. The narration is strongly complemented by these tools and techniques which bring the story to bear. This paper examines the technical details and tools that are used by the film crew to present an otherwise simple mundane story in a way that merits the international attention this movie acquired. The ingenuity of Carax is first examined from the overall perspective and then an effort is made to examine specific techniques that the writer identified in the movie and the intended effect it makes on a viewer. Professional Reviews of Les Amants Du Pont-Neuf There are numerous reviews of this movie which give an overall analysis and assessment of the major cinematic...
This paper is a literature review of the movies Les Amants Du Pont-Neuf which is recast in English as The Lovers on the Bridge. There are numerous reviews of this movie which give an overall analysis and assessment of the major cinematic techniques and misc-en-scene of the whole movie. Most of the analysis provides very positive views and opinions about Carax's movie. Critic, Pragasam states that the film uses elements of cinematography to capture the humanitarian crises that exist amongst France's homeless populations. He emphasizes on the overall ability of the movie to capture scenes of the life of people who live on the streets of France through various techniques which makes it educative. He also mentions the ability of the movie to incorporate elements of the French Bicentennial celebrations and how it was expertly blended into the movie through the camera works and efforts of the crew. He emphasizes on the juxtaposition of the explosion of the love between Alex and Michelle with the fireworks which are carefully captured in the background behind the two as they dance through the 'rain' of excitement and incite the emotions of viewers. Clearly, this pioneering work has found its way into numerous videos and it is now very symbolic of directors to show a scene of love with a distant view of fireworks somewhere in the background. Daley & Dowd critiqued this film into great detail. They identified that Carax managed to evoke the life of the street dweller through many artistic methods like capturing very mundane but crucial elements of street life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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