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Cinematic Experience - Essay Example

To use a more technical definition, the cinematic experience is the reference made to the devices and models of the “cinematic apparatus” that elaborated on film theory to portray a real-life or imaginative situation by which audiences can hopefully relate to their lives through encounter with the cinema. In other words, cinematic experience deals with the actual feeling of viewers when seeing a film that is emblematic of their thoughts about that film based on conditions of spectatorship. Prior to the invention of the phonograph and the manufacture of film for the use by photography, storytelling was either verbal through storytellers or written only in books or other printed materials and people read these themselves; the invention or discovery of films and photography gave way to the rise of virtual prostheses for human perception, primarily the senses of sight and hearing. The rise of new technologies that enhance human perception through a more intense enjoyment by these two senses greatly altered the human experience. Because of this technological prowess or capabilities, people now shifted their enjoyment of visual experiences from the arcades to diorama to photography, and to panorama and then on to cinema (Friedberg 70). A good cinematic experience means an altered state of mind for the audiences due to good material in the hands of a good director who utilizes all the cinematic tools and devices to give audiences what they want in a special way which makes them a very surprised

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It changed its guidelines that described the characteristics that come under the art category. (Couts, 2012). What Are Video Games? Jack Kroll, in his article published in Newsweek, wrote about video gaming that it was a form of entertainment and fun and was also rewarding; however, it did not give rise to an emotional complexity that formed the basics of art.
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Some define it as the user displays which are mounted on the head. This definition, however, limits AR to some specific technologies. The definition which can be taken which has no limits combines three features which include the ideas of real and virtual, interactive when it is in real time, and the fact that when it is in 3-D it is registered.
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Cinematic Violence
Graphic violence has become as important to film as the happy ending. Throughout time filmmakers have made extreme statements about our society and the involvement of our country in other conflicts, such as war, which affect our nation. Movie makes have realized the power and movement within society that a film can create when the reality people do not wish to accept is put before their very own eyes.
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Growing up in China and working in the USA for nearly a decade I have been exposed to a very wide range of views from both Chinese and American cultures. This gives me the fresh insight of the "outsider" with which to study the creative worlds of both nations.
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2)In what ways can French New Wave cinema be considered a product of its particular moment institutionally, technologically and culturally Your answer should make close reference to ONE or TWO films
Even through the Second World War, French Cinema exhibited a number of films and continued in its prolific nature. However, the end of the Second World War gave rise to differing movements in French cinema including the French New Wave cinema.
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audience indeed, and at the same time teaches them through their two senses. Discussion The advent of cinema in the early twentieth century enabled people to recover most of their own appreciation for myth, which Walter Benjamin had espoused in his theory of the realm of the senses which he termed as “aural perception” enhanced by cinematic experience. The cinematic experience had been preceded by a series of technical innovations or inventions such as the rise of the Industrial Revolution in which Machine gradually replaced Man in his many areas or spheres of activity. Along the same line, the rise of photography helped to put a painting into some degree of decline as people now preferred the photos they get as a better version of a representation, much more than what the best painting can ever hope to provide. The art of cinematography came from the science of photography, much in the same way that the rise of arcades in Paris presaged the arrival of a different type of architecture in a revised paradigm called as tectonics or architectonic design (Benjamin 97).. This was made possible with the new use of iron as an artificial material for engineering construction such as rails or bridges, and then included other long-span structures such as massive exhibition halls or an extremely large railway station to shelter arriving and departing passengers. Cinematic experience was exemplified by the concept of Fourier called as Utopia where workers can be laborers but to their own liking or delight (attractive work); work is not forced upon them . Prior to the arrival of cinematography, people were contented with dioramas or small representations (miniatures) of real-life situations found in Nature, but photography took that away as people now preferred cinematography as a more realistic representation of their lives. Moreover, the dioramas were supposed to showcase the relationship of art to technology but a new combination of technology and artistic talent found its way in cinematography. The film became a recorder of the epoch under study; cinema is now the new kind of literature based on visual graphics and


The simple or layman's definition of cinematic experience is the collective and tactile but often very short collective experience when a person watches a film production that depict the modern world and the many situations in which life itself is experienced by use of film…
Cinematic Experience
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