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Eating Disorders in today's society - Essay Example

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In a world that is made up of diversity, in which there are people of various shapes, sizes and colors, there is still only one way in most people seem to define beauty: thin and physically flawless. While there are many people that agree that each person is beautiful and…
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Eating Disorders in todays society
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"Eating Disorders in today's society"

Download file to see previous pages It is because of this one standard that eating disorders have become almost fashion statements themselves, as girls result to them to maintain a thin physique.
The biggest focus for both men and women when it comes to being attractive is their weight, though this is quickly followed by the physical, flawless appearance of the face. When it comes to females, a thin, slightly toned body is considered attractive and beautiful. In regard to men, they can either be thin, well-built, or athletic in appearance. Despite how pretty a person may be when it comes to their face, overweight and heavyset people are seldom considered attractive in accordance to society’s standards of today.
Standards of attractiveness do not vary so much by gender or age. Men expect women to be thin and busty, while women expect men to either be thin or athletic. Each gender expects the other to at least be able to maintain a decent weight; again, the standard of thin being beautiful is still in play regardless of gender or age. Sexual orientation, however, is slightly different. The majority of homosexual individuals do not put as much stock in beauty or attractiveness as heterosexual people do. Indeed, many homosexual females who look butch or manly are considered to be attractive, while homosexual males who look dainty and delicate are regarded as being attractive. Even when, in homosexual relationships, a female looks like the typical idea of a female, or a male looks like a typical male, they are still seen as attractive by their fellows.
What our culture tells men about how to attract women is they need to appear as men, regardless of what their real age is. They need to be thin or muscular; many of them tend to look like a cliched Californian surfer. However, men also need to have an appealing and independent personality, which goes to show that not all beauty is physical. On the other end of the spectrum, however, are the women who believe that they need to attract men by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Eating Disorders in today'S Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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