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Media Studies Dissertation Plan - Essay Example

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This dissertation plan encompasses a presentation of the proposal to conduct research on how the skinny images of women portrayed by media are affecting women's health. More specifically, it presents the process by which the research proposal will be conducted and will provide justification why such a study is relevant…
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Media Studies Dissertation Plan
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Extract of sample "Media Studies Dissertation Plan"

Download file to see previous pages The images of women as they portrayed in the media are the root of eating disorders that put these women at health risks. In addition, the proposed research meets the criteria for what makes a topic researchable.
When finding a topic for research a study of the current literature is vital to the integrity of the proposal. An annotated bibliography will establish that there is efficient evidence, research and future merit for research on the topic. It is important to take the time to verify there is sufficient literature available for the proposed study. When looking for literature it I important to a lot a large portion of time to dedicate to perusing the literature. It is important to find current and past studies, articles and research from scholarly sources. When establishing a topic to research there is some important factors to keep in mind. For instance how current the topic is. If it involves something that has very recently occurred it will be difficult to locate literature on the subject. When planning a research proposal it is also important to arrive at a topic for the proposal taking into consideration that some topics are rarely covered by scholarly publications. For instance, "highly specific current events, little-known individuals, "underground" or alternative trends that haven't made it into even the alternative scholarship yet." (Riley 2002)
It is important to take the time to research topics and reviews the literature to see if the topic is credible and worthy of a study o4 further study. Some of the topics that can be considered are anorexia in the music industry, eating disorders in adolescents and the psychological effects of eating disorders. After a review of the literature it was determined that my research will be based on how skinny images of women portrayed by media effects women's health. An assessment of the criteria justifies this study has merit.
The criteria for this dissertation plan encompassed planning and planning in stages. This swill gives the research proposal organization and it will be easier to carry out the research if there are clear steps to the process determined prior to the actual conducting of the research. It has been concluded that the research proposal will be conducted using a questionnaire given to females questioning their self-image and the role that the media plays in the way that they feel.
After careful consideration, it has been established that the questionnaires will be given to three different age groups of meals in order to establish a pattern through all of the age groups. The research questionnaires will be given to preadolescent females, adolescents, and women in their twenties. A study could include males however thee is no literature that supports that men are affected by the skinny images presented in the media. A future study could include males and body images in the media and steroid use.
Annoted Bibliography
This scholarly article discussed a study on self objectification and how it can lead to internal awareness, depression and disordered eating. This article didn't concentrate specifically on the media, but suggested that the media is one of that elements that leads to the original awareness of ones body compared to societal standards; which portray thin as good, successful and happy, and fat as bad, ugly and unhappy.
Polivy, J., & Herman, P. (2002). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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