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One page analysis of mental health current event - Essay Example

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The article recounts a study which found that Latinos who stigmatized mental illness were less likely to benefit from the treatment due to their inability to take timely medication, to control their condition and keep up scheduled doctor appointments. According to medical…
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One page analysis of mental health current event
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"One page analysis of mental health current event"

Download file to see previous pages The study surveyed 200 Spanish-speaking Latinos, of which 83% were women and all were from the lower-income group and who showed varying degrees of depression during the screening process. When they were questioned about whether they were trustworthy, nearly 51% of the participant’s response affirmed that they stigmatized their condition. On further analysis of their response to the treatment it was found that about 22% of the individuals were not taking proper medications, 21% were unable to take steps to control their condition and 44% were likely to have missed scheduled appointments with their doctors. It is conclusive from the study that the presence of a stigma is definitely a barrier for the treatment process. Researchers studying mental health have suggested that physicians need to find alternative ways to enable such people with depression come out of their stigma rather than stick to the conventional methods. The alternative methods should help depressed individuals to put back negative thoughts and abide to the treatment regimen which will lead to faster recovery.
Thus the article throws an insight to stigmas that are associated with depression which only tend to compound the condition and lengthen the recovery process. While this study reviewed Latinos, there are many other who are stigmatized about mental illness and more such studies need to be done in order to have a broader view about the issue and find suitable ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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