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Strategic bussiness - Essay Example

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A task is an identified project which can be defined as a set of linked activities or it can be precisely defined as a one time activity with a well defined set of desired results (Hellriegel 2001). Some of the major features of a project include a definite start and finish, a…
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Strategic bussiness
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Download file to see previous pages The critical attributes of specifying task objectives are determined by various factors. In the first place, an organisation embarks on undertaking a specific project or task as a result of the need to fulfill certain objectives anticipated from the successful completion of the desired task. Indeed, there is need to keep in mind the main reason why an organisation has decided to undertake that task. During the contemporary period, organisations are in existence for various reasons and they seek to fulfill different objectives. As a result of the fact that organisations operate in a dynamic environment, they often find themselves confronted by situations which require them to change their usual way of conducting business. Against this background, the attributes of specifying the organisation’s attributes are mainly influenced by its core business and core competences. It follows from the argument that an organisation can only embark on initiating change when there are possible or foreseen benefits that can be enjoyed after the successful completion of the project. It is therefore very important for the organisation to consider its core competencies and the likely benefits which can be brought by the envisaged change.
Another attribute includes the need to determine if the task is attainable. In some cases organisations may decide to embark on specific tasks as a way of trying to waiver negative impacts that may affect their operations but this may be suicidal if the set goals are difficult to attain. Whilst it may sound easy to embark on a particular project, it is also very important to ensure that the organisation has the requisite resources to achieve the objectives set. Broadly speaking, the resources range from human resources, financial resources as well as time. Failure to take this into consideration may negatively impact on the envisaged task.
Resource management is primarily concerned with mapping out the allocation of the resources, identifying ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Strategic Bussiness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 Words.
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