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2000 notional key incidents - Essay Example

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Non-availability of qualified and competitive teaching staff is an important barrier to the educational needs of modern society. But Induction Standards on teaching pedagogy for NQT can…
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2000 notional key incidents
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Download file to see previous pages Thesis statement: An analysis, with the help of 3 case studies, to unearth the impact of Induction Standards on teaching-learning process.
The primary aim of an individual teacher in the classroom environment is to develop professional and constructive relationships with his/her learners. So, I selected James, who is a year eight Special educational needs (SEN) registered student. Besides, he did not show any hesitation to describe himself as a tough boy with incorrectly worn uniform and a banned hoodie with a big pocket. He did not show any sign of cooperation with his peers or even with his Teaching Assistant. As he was physically strong, he used to intimidate his peers and staff. When the Teaching Assistant asks him a question, he used to behave aggressively. But I very well knew that communication and cooperation with students will lead to proper discipline in the classroom environment.
As a teacher, I have to win back the class but without ignoring James. So, I planned lessons to accommodate James into the classroom activities. I organized a debate on the topic ‘my design is better than yours because’. Then I divided the class into two and included James in the second group. Then I supplied a roll of cello-tape for the first group and an electrical plug for the second group. Both the groups became active and began to develop their own designs. But my primary aim of the debate was to guide James to be cooperative in classroom activities. I very well knew that James was so interested in Sports, especially football. So, I introduced a small practice debate on the theme ‘Manchester United is better than Chelsea because?’ and introduced the rules and processes of the same. I made use of Behaviour management techniques and strategies in the classroom in an innovative way by inculcating innovative learning experiences and activities. I joined as a member of James’ team in the debate and motivated him to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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2000 Notional Key Incidents Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
“2000 Notional Key Incidents Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words”, n.d.
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