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Describe at least 5 scenes of the Rossie the Riveter - Movie Review Example

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This report will first identify the scene and then provide some information as to why I found it interesting or why it is historically significant.
The first…
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Describe at least 5 scenes of the movie Rossie the Riveter
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"Describe at least 5 scenes of the Rossie the Riveter"

Download file to see previous pages It was explained that Lewis worked with a strong white woman from Arkansas who would smooth down the other side of the rivet once it went through. Also, bucking required more strength and Riveting required more skill. What is interesting is that we have a black woman and a white woman working side by side, completing two different but equally important roles. This is interesting because much of the country still employed segregation policies and having blacks work alongside whites seems significant.
The next important scene was the analysis of Rockwell’s painting of Rosie the Riveter. What is important to note is that the character has both strong masculine and feminine features. The feminine features are that she is wearing lipstick, nail poish, penny loafers, rouge, she keeps a compact and handkerchief in her pocket, her visor looks like a halo and she is depicted as eating which is considered a domestic practice. Rosie’s masculine features are that she has a leather arm band, she has big arms, dirty overalls (women didn’t typically wear pants), and Rosie is carrying a large and heavy riveting gun. This is significant because it really portrays that women can complete the tasks necessary to get the job done but also hold onto their feminine identity.
The next scene is the discussion of the US Office of War Information publishing the magazine of war guide which was aimed at giving ideas to the publishers of magazine for how to attract female workers. This was described as a government lead effort to recruit women workers. Ultimately this is significant because it represents that the government officially recognized that women were important not only for domestic roles but also for industrial and other commercial roles.
The next scene follows the same trend as the last scene in which the War guide in September 1943 recommended that all magazines write about women in the workplace with the goal of emphasizing that all jobs that women completed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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