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(Why did Tsarism survive in 1905 but not in February 1917) - Essay Example

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During that time there was shortage of food in most cities this had led to formation of soviets in Moscow and St. Petersburg. One Sunday…
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(Why did Tsarism survive in 1905 but not in February 1917)
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"(Why did Tsarism survive in 1905 but not in February 1917)"

Download file to see previous pages The Riots went as far as Odessa, Black Sea Port and Moscow and at Moscow the soviets were formed. Though as implied by director Eisenstein that “this rebellion would give momentum to a fresh revolutionary movement,”1 ultimately, the 1905 revolution got suppressed in the short term when mutinies from both army and naval were brought.
Russia’s loss in opposition to Japan at Port Arthur and their defeat at Tsushima weakened Tsars government. “Some of the things that marked the organized soviet workers, soldiers and sailors were that they were elected democratically from their workplaces, barracks and ships but they were given no privileges and at any time they would be called back by their electors. This was one of the things that marked the revolution defeat”2.
The source of Tsar’s government was that most peasants Loved Tsar and most of them regarded him as a father whose empowerment was from God and at that time the church was very powerful and in support to the government, this was however shattered in 1905, following the massacre of the peaceful soviet demonstrators and assassinations, Prime Minister stolypin who was murdered in 1911. Also celebrations which accompanied the Romanov dynasty had greatly increased Tsars popularity. Nobles controlled the army and the government and they used Cossacks to deal with protests.
Suppression of the 1905 revolution and assumption of a united nation was however a mask because this indeed marked the commencement of an imperialist war exposing every rotten thing that sharpened Russia’s social contradictions and deepened the ultimate revolutionary upheavals, (Gatrell, 1986).
Approximately 15 million peasants joined the army where they faced consistent misery that opened their mind to the working class ideas. About 800,000 workers were working at Moscow in defense industries and 300,000 others in Petrograd in huge factories. This reduced the struggles in the cities and country side and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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((Why Did Tsarism Survive in 1905 But Not in February 1917) Essay)
(Why Did Tsarism Survive in 1905 But Not in February 1917) Essay.
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