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HFSD Coursework - Essay Example

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Domestic Appliance Services is in the business of marketing appliances and spares, and one of the best marketing tools it has at its disposal is the use of the Internet through its existing website. This powerful tool is however, being under-utilized because of factors such as…
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HFSD Coursework
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"HFSD Coursework"

Download file to see previous pages Our consultancy services include an exhaustive evaluation of the existing website of Domestic Appliance Services to identify any limitations which exist. Additionally, recommendations would also be made on improvements and steps would be taken to restructure the website in such a manner that it would be able to attract more custom. The consultancy services involve charges of $650 per day. The process of assessment of the website and preparing a written report, followed by implementation of restructuring plans for the website would involve a period of about five days, which amounts to a total investment expense of £3250. This would be a one time expense rather than a recurring one and when offset against the losses that are happening on a daily basis through lost business, it could prove to be an investment that would be recovered within a day or so. The cost of an individual appliance is itself in about that range. For every sale that is lost, there is a potential loss of several thousands of dollars. Therefore, when the website is restructured in such a manner that it is able to harvest as many sales as possible through effective promotion and interactive links that pick up and follow through on customer enquiries and interest, it would result in improvements in revenue for Domestic Appliance Services that would surpass the investment of £3250 that the Company would need to make.
On this basis, Domestic Appliance Services might like to consider hiring the services of the Consultancy to undertake a detailed examination of the existing website in order to identify any existing limitations and restructure the website.
An initial assessment is offered on the basis of the following aspects (a) navigation (b) attractiveness of design (c) ease of use (d) attractiveness of interface. In terms of navigation, the site has some problems. For ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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HFSD Coursework Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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