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U09d2 Project Peer Review - Assignment Example

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Not only does the writer describe in detail the 2-year and monthly rate plans that are available, but she also connects these two plans…
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U09d2 Project Peer Review
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"U09d2 Project Peer Review"

Download file to see previous pages eresting to learn that much of these problems can be attributed to the web-based trainings that are not always as efficient or educational as necessary for all of the trainees. These errors represent interpersonal and well as organizational flaws in the communication process and lead to poor sales performance for the entire company.
Although the problems are clearly stated, the effectiveness of the proposed solutions is not as high as it could be. The writer suggests that the management take time to realize the problems and devise other viable solutions to alleviate these issues and increase sales productivity. However, this paper would be more powerful if the writer will propose her own detailed solution to the problem and defend her stance on the solution. The problem is clearly stated, but the solution lacks effectiveness. The paper excels in describing the personal communication competencies specifically in regards to how it impacts performance. The communication and training errors must be resolved in order for productivity and product knowledge to be improved for the sales representatives.
The overall format of the paper is excellent. It effectively follows APA formatting for the most part. The final summary paragraph has been accidently centered and should remain left-aligned with the rest of the paper. Also, the citations in the reference page should have all of the lines but the first line in the citation indented. It may also help to support arguments and claims with a few more in-text citations than what is current present in the paper. Other than these few minor issues, the paper looks to be very strong.
The author does an excellent job of describing the specific events that occurred between the claims representative and the supervisor. The reader can easily understand the problems that occurred and where the breakdowns in communication were – not only between the two employees but also between the claims representative and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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