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It is now a reality that Information and communication technology is the backbone of every organization in that every major department in the organization cannot be run without incorporating full technology coverage. All systems have now shifted from the traditional way of…
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Download file to see previous pages The system in question here is the enterprise resource system which comes in the form of three modules namely performance management, private customers’ management and corporate customers’ management. For this to happen, the study will review the situation the organization was before the change, the process of change in that given period of time. The change will be identified on different frameworks. The study also reviews the upcoming issues that arise from implementation of this system including the costs incurred, the personnel affected, and that benefits that will be reaped from such. In conclusion, the study directs the motives to favor the success of the implementation and who are involved in making such a project a success.
In an effort to compete favorably in this highly intensive challenging and changing corporate and business environment, there is every need to embrace the only solution that will bring about smooth running of businesses in the course of those changes. The study as researched below clearly depicts how the introduction of ERP systems into BKK mobile oil has impacted the management ranging form performance to customers. The study is divided into three categories or parts. The first part will cover a detailed background of the company stating the origin and the products or services offered, the environment, both internal and external environment of the organization, the surrounding and the far end markets and the reasons behind the changes that led to the introduction of the system. The second part exposes the process of change and all the upcoming issues accompanying the changes, including any challenge faced. The last part focuses on the widespread of the technology, the costs incurred in an effort to smoothly shift and the benefits that will accompany.
BKK Mobile Oil is a health insurance company whose headquarters are located in the BKK mobile Celle with administration located in Hamburg. This company was founded on 1st ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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