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Law Problem Questions - Essay Example

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Law Problem Questions Word Count: 1500 (1) Evidence Problem Question ? Max is charged with several counts of being concerned in the supply of Class A controlled drugs. ?The prosecution believe he is very important in the supply chain and have been watching him for some time…
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Law Problem Questions
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Download file to see previous pages ???“Can you bring a bag for ?20 and meet me?” ??“Any chance of my usual, Friday 8 pm?” ??“Are you ‘big Max’? Any chance bag ?50 Thursday?” ????The prosecution want to adduce these messages and others which are similar, as evidence against Max. They also want to introduce evidence about his contacts. ???? Explain whether or not they will be able to do this, paying close attention to the Criminal Justice Act 2003. (300 words) ???? According to the Criminal Justice Act of 2003, it is common knowledge that what is possible to charge someone with a crime for which there is insufficient hard evidence, but ample circumstancial evidence. For example, there are many things that can be taken into account under the new Act passed by the Parliament, including the notion of character. Based upon the reputation that daily builds one’s character, law enforcement officials can piece together a story for the judge that details what this person’s life is like, what his usual routines are, and other details that might be substantially important in deciding one’s guilt or innocence. ...
fore, the new Criminal Justice Act of 2003 increases Max’s chance of being snagged by the new Act—which allows autrefois acquit, also famously known as “double jeopardy.” Double jeopardy is allowed by the new Act, especially if there is compelling evidence to believe that for some reason a crime has been committed. However, of course what constitutes compelling would probably have to be an overwhelming amount of evidence in order to determine one’s relative guilt or innocence. In this case, Max does not have much choice except to allow the legal process to take its natural legal course. (1) EU Law Problem Question ???? (The following events, names and legislation, both European and domestic are all fictitious.) ????Council Directive 2009/ABC on Air Travel Protection requires Member States to introduce a measure by 1 November 2010: ????1) giving passengers the right to a full refund on airline tickets purchased within the European Union where a journey is cancelled irrespective of the cause of the cancellation; ??2) giving passengers an automatic right to claim expenses for overnight accommodation from the airline, where a journey in the European Union is delayed by more than four hours irrespective of the cause of the delay; and ?3) giving passengers the right to a block payment of ?200, payable immediately, for all checked-in luggage lost on flights within the European Union. ????On 20 November 2010, Sadie purchased a ticket from UK Air Ltd which is financed partly by private shareholders and partly by Government grant. Four members of the Board of Directors of UK Air Ltd are appointed by the Minister for Transport. Unfortunately, Sadie’s flight from London to the Bahamas was cancelled due to adverse weather. Sadie immediately exercised her right to claim ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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