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Personal understanding of crime commission - Essay Example

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John is 25 years old, living in New York City, and had been a writer for a local newspaper for the past 6 months. He graduated with a degree in business administration with an average percentage and was unemployed for around 2…
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Personal understanding of crime commission
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"Personal understanding of crime commission"

Download file to see previous pages The high interest rates and his low income structure had caused him to miss the previous payment deadlines of the loan, and now, John had been threatened to pay back his loan in two days time or else violent measures would be used against him.
John had been a good speech maker in his academic life. Because of his confidence and genuine speaking skills, he had represented his school and college in various debate competitions and had been the winner in a few of them as well. These skills can be attributed to his love for public speaking. Because of this, he had also liked creative writing and hence decided to pursue a career as a writer for a newspaper.
John is in debt, and he must repay his loan within twenty four hours. Because he has not worked for one company for a long time, he is not counted as a loyal employee and cannot take a loan from the employer. Nor can he borrow from a family member or financial institution. The only option, therefore, left for him is to attain the required sum illegally.
There are many illegal options for John that he could consider to achieve his $4000 goal. However, the limited time of just two days would make this task very challenging for him. He just has time to execute one single plan which should be big enough to get him to the $4000 mark.
As John would begin to think about the possible ways to get the money, he would start to look within his immediate domain for the right option. The first option that he would have is to defraud his employer. He could try and get access to the accounts department and help his way to the money present. The problem with this approach, however, is that even a local newspaper printing company today, has a secure IT structure present within the company. Due to technological advancements, companies do not have to carry physical cash within their offices to run the daily operations. This means that John would need to have adequate IT skills ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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