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No matter what party an individual may belong to, once elected to the Presidency, many citizens wish to hear the newly elected Chief Executive’s speech, to see what the new president will set out to do. What they perceive as the best course of action for the very constituents…
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Download file to see previous pages In this case, the first example from a Presidential address, would be from January 1961 and John Kennedy’s address to the nation, after being elected the nation’s 35th President of the United States. The following would be an excerpt from Kennedy’s address to the world:
In taking with the notion of idealism, another concept to consider would be the idea of being realistic about something, or exhibiting realism. By assessing the provided addresses given by chief executive’s, the example to use first would be the address given by President Richard Nixon. The following citation would come from the second address that he would have given in January 1973. In his speech, Nixon makes mention of America’s role in preserving peace globally. In the second paragraph of his speech, he asserts that, “It is important that we understand both the necessity and the limitations of America’s role in maintaining that peace,” (Nixon, 1973, para. 2). A realistic viewpoint in that, as Nixon himself asserted, America would have a position of aiding in the goal of protecting global peace but in the end, would have limitations that it should remember.
Lastly, the final concept to observe would be national interest. The example for this concept would be the second address given by US President George W. Bush, in January 2005. At the end of the section of his address, Bush makes known the following:
The example used from President George W. Bush’s speech in 2005, would in fact be a mixture of both national interest but also, would possess an element of idealism to it. In asserting the interest of maintaining that which the nation would have taken on, he also seeks to assert the idealism of providing the gift of freedom to those who, had it not been for such an act, may not have had the opportunity to experience freedom for themselves.
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POL 300 INDIVIDUAL WRITING ASSIGMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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