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Business law - Case - Essay Example

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As per medical ethics, a doctor cannot stay away from the responsibility of saving a life if any possibility is there. In the given…
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Business law - Case
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"Business law - Case"

Download file to see previous pages But he has neglected the aesthetic aspects of the treatment and thought that causing a burn to the patient is negligible as part of saving the life of the patient. In that sense the doctor was culprit of neglecting certain critical things in his profession. If the surgery was unavoidable at that juncture, probably the doctor’s actions could have been justified.
On the other hand, there are no such worries in declaring the ECR instrument manufacturer as the major culprit in this case. This manufacturer has sold defective products in the market which caused damages to the users. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to test the quality of the product fully before introducing it in to the market. He should ensure that his product may not cause any damages to the users. No product manufacturer has the right to sell defective products in the market. The specifications and usage instructions of the product should be given to the users by the manufacturer and the manufacturer is responsible for any malfunctioning of the product provided the users use it exactly as per the instructions given by the manufacturer through the product manual. So the manufacturer of the ECR instrument is 100% responsible for this crime and need to be compensated Karl for that.
Apart from the doctor and the ECR manufacturer, the hospital management is also responsible for Karl’s agony. The management purchased cheap quality products and took the risk of using it in the treatment of patients. It is the responsibility of the management to ensure the quality of the products they purchased before testing it on others. So, in my opinion, Karl can consider suing against the hospital management also.
Anaesthesiologist and the nurses have nothing to do with this case. The duty of the anaesthesiologist is confined to the anaesthesia alone. He has nothing to do with the usage of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Law - Case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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