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Car robber - Essay Example

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A major factor is the very sophisticated and determined group of professionals behind it. The group, who continually devise methods to perpetrate the crime, is usually made…
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Car robber
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Download file to see previous pages The car robbers have also turned to highly sophisticated equipments in perpetrating the crime. Financed by members of the society who either buy robbed cars or provide the necessary equipments for the crime, these professional car robbers even develop provisions to smuggle the cars to other countries, especially to East European and African nations, through various shipping companies.
Because of the rise in the number of car robberies, car factories are now focused on equipping cars with security machines such as security alarm systems and identification mechanisms. The latter verifies the owner and/or user of the car as the engine starts. Despite these innovations, car thieves continually show adeptness in highly mechanized and electronic knowledge thus beating these security gadgets. In addition, some car robberies occur due to faulty car security systems and the carelessness and negligence of the car owner.
All over the world, car robbery has increased in the recent decade because of the demand for cars as a means of transportation. The rising demand is due to the important role that cars perform in the world. Globally, they are considered the first means of transport. Ironically, this demand for cars is another reason for the increase in car theft. Second-hand Japanese- or American-made cars known for their performance are re-built and put out in the market in developing countries. Due to the inexpensiveness and the popularity of such second-hand cars, this kind of car theft has not only provided another source of income for car thieves but also another motive for stealing cars.
The Abu Dhabi Emirate is one-sixth of the former Trucial States of the Persian Gulf that was merged in 1971 to form what is now known as the United Arab Emirates or UAE. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE. It has all the federal institutions and ministries in the Abu Dhabi Emirate like the UAE Central Bank, Abu Dhabi Security Exchange and UAE federal ministries ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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