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Introduction to fiction - Essay Example

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Many a writers have been inclined towards the use of symbols for explanatory description of the situation in an indirect yet relative manner. This method of description is generically used for the ease of the reader to…
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Introduction to fiction
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Extract of sample "Introduction to fiction"

Download file to see previous pages Whilst searching for symbolism in the story, I cam across a few points like, “It was large enough so that it didn’t seem fragile, or particularly vulnerable if anyone sideswiped the table or Mondo blundered into it during play. She asked her husband to please not drop his house key in it. It was meant to be empty” (207). This excerpt primarily describes the fact that her husband, Andrea’s, was someone was not part of the bowl theory and could not identify with the symbol. When mentioning that she had bought the bowl at a craft fair in secret with her lover, it further signifies that she has been looking for her lost love and continuing affairs with him through the bowl. She must have not acted quickly enough to seize the moment with her lover, hence the line, “Her lover had said that she was always too slow to know what she really loved” (209). Through this we get the impression that perhaps she was too obsessed with the bowl to continue on with her affair. At one point it is shared that she even “…dreamed of the bowl. Twice in a waking dream-early in the morning, between sleep and the last nap before rising-she had a clear vision of it” (208). The bowl represented her affair and eventually it would be the bowl that ends her marriage. When looking back on the story, it opens with “The bowl was perfect” (206). Andrea feels like she made a mistake not admitting her affair and starting a life with her lover; therefore she loves the bowl as if it were her ex-lover and obsesses over it because to her, it is all she has left of him. She explains her guilt in this manner, “Sometimes in the morning, she would look at him (her husband) and feel guilty that she had such a constant secret” (208). She is continuing her affair through the bowl and is still having feelings of guilt. This further signifies her inertia with her ex-lover and clings on to the bowl in memory ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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