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Even though, cats, birds etc are some other pet animals, dogs have a special place in the animal lover’s book. There are many stories the dog lovers have to say about the loyalty, honesty, intelligence and the bravery…
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Download file to see previous pages Why the dog’s exhibit friendships with human when all the other members of its species or family like the foxes or Jackals stay away from human beings?. Do dogs possess more intelligence than all the other animals? These are interesting questions one might ask. It is difficult answer the above questions without having a dog as a pet animal. Dog owners have many stories to talk about the honesty, loyalty and intelligence of their pet dog. But others may not have such experiences. This paper is written based on my personal experiences with my pet dog. I don’t know how my audience (those who are not interested in having pet animals or dogs) will respond to my experiences because of their less knowledge about animal behaviors. I think they might not agree with my arguments. Anyway this paper is written for convincing my audience about the intelligence and honesty of my pet dog (A Doberman).
According to S. Coren, author of "The Intelligence of Dogs", there are three types of dog intelligence: Adaptive Intelligence (learning and problem-solving ability), Instinctive Intelligence and Working/Obedience Intelligence (The Intelligence of Dogs). I am living in a rural area and my house is surrounded by some big trees and herbs. Snakes are plenty in number around my house. We usually release our Doberman from its kennel during the night time because of the threats from thieves. One midnight, when all of us were sleeping, I woke up because of the continuous barking of our Doberman. I have opened the door and watched my dog trying to call my attention towards him. I have examined all the surrounding and found nothing extra ordinary. When I tried to return to my home, my dog started to block my way and keeping a close look at a particular area around my home. I have realized that something was wrong and decided to make closer look at that area. To my utter surprise I have seen a poisonous cobra resting near the doors of my house dog. My dog was making a conscious effort ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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