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Communication, Writing and Professional Practice - Essay Example

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These stores can be classified as retailers who sell a large variety of food and non-food items and employ from 10 to a hundred people. The assortment and depth of the variety of these products on offer depends mostly on size of the…
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Communication, Writing and Professional Practice
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"Communication, Writing and Professional Practice"

Download file to see previous pages Most employees are students or other less skilled workers. These workers come from a diverse background, and mostly belong to different age groups, gender and races.
The jobs that the employees of a supermarket generally perform, ranges from manual work, such as stocking shelves to management duties. A part of the on-floor employees work description is that they have to help the customer locate what they desire and provide them product information if required. Another form of on-floor activity is performed by the cashiers who man the POS.
Apart from the shop floor, most supermarkets have at least one manager present at the store at all times. These are usually college graduates with experience and their job description involves keeping inventory controls to other management related issues. Rest of the work team at a supermarket consist of the office workers, the clerks, secretaries and the accountants.
From the order filler to the stocker to the on-floor supervisor, how does the communication occur? And what are the rules and norm patterning that communication? As in all other organizations and businesses, effective workplace communication is among the most important factors that determine the success of a supermarket. Deal and Kennedy (1982, Cited in Gilsdorf, 1998) talk in their book about how a strong corporate culture, effective communication and cost saving are linked together. They say that by knowing exactly what their organization expects of them, employees will waste very little time trying to decide how to act in a particular situation.
We can conclude from the above statement that people who know the ropes of their organization; those who know the rules are generally more effective in the work that they perform. The term rule here is used to denote the assumptions organizational members make about the right way to communicate in given situations in their particular organization (Gilsdorf, 1998).
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