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Digestion Protocol - Lab Report Example

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It initially begins with a blue color when there is no reducing sugar present in the solution
Cellulose is NOT digested by humans. The appendix initially…
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Digestion Lab Protocol

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"Digestion Protocol"

Download file to see previous pages digestion and absorption process, has an expanded surface area with inner folds, called plicae, villi and microvilli, to increase its surface area and enhance its ability to absorb nutrients. All together, this surface is called the brush border of the small intestine. Some enzymes are present on the surface of the brush border, such as disaccharidases like sucrase, maltase, and lactose, which hydrolyze disugars (sugars composed of two monosaccharides) to their two individual sugar ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Digestion Lab Protocol Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Digestion Lab Protocol Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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...?The food we eat is the complex form of molecules that enters in our body and it needs to break down in simpler form in order to be consumed by the body as a form of energy. The process of breaking down these larger molecules into smaller consumable unit is called digestion. Digestion takes place in the gastrointestinal tract that extends from mouth to anus. By the process of selective absorption in the intestinal wall, the ingested material will pass through the blood stream to the tissues that will ultimately ends up in the organ cells as a source of energy. Digestion is a complex process involving mechanical and chemical processes. Different complex molecules in our food are treated...
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...Digestion and Enzymes Number Department Task Recommended Dietary (Daily) Allowance (RDA) tables give the amount of nutrients an individual of a particular age group, gender, occupation or health condition needs if they are to maintain sound health and reduce the risks of diet associated ailments. Nutritional requirements are different for each nutrient and also vary between individuals and life stages. Some nutrients are required in larger quantities than in others, for example, protein is needed in grams while vitamin C is needed in milligram quantities (Farrell & Nicoteri, 2007, 377). Young children for instance require more carbohydrates to meet their energy requirements at such times when they are physically active....
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...SECTION 3 HIGHLIGHTED BELOW – THIS IS EASILY IDENTIFIABLE AND IT HAS BEEN THERE SINCE THE FIRST TIME I REVISED THIS ORDER Diet and Digestion By: Institution: Course: Instructor: Date 2. The body obtains most of the energy and nutrients that it requires from the food that an individual eats. Most of the nutrients we eat can be absorbable in the form of small molecules. For this purpose, food needs to be broken down from large to small molecules in the alimentary canal. Nutrient and dietary needs vary according to sex, age and levels of physical activity. Nutrients necessary for bodily function are either macro nutrients or micro nutrients (BRYNIE 2002, pg9). Macronutrients include the carbohydrate, proteins and fats....
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...DIGESTION Lecturer’s Describe how the structure of the mucosa and muscularies externa differs in the small intestine, the stomach and large intestine and why The stomach In the stomach, the mucosa (lamina propria, epithelium and muscularies mucosae) is thrown into longitudinal folds i.e. gastric folds that normally disappear when the stomach is fully distended. The epithelium is simple columnar and well organized to gastric secreting pits and glands for dealing with secretion. The mucosa in the gastric area is divided by a shallow of network groves. On the mucosa, surfaces are gastric pits and the mucosa is occupied by simple tubular gastric glands that open into the bottom of gastric pits. The epithelium lining of the...
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