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E-mail and Memo - Coursework Example

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The plan would not require you anymore to file sick leave notes to accompany your leave. It is up to your discretion on how you would use your PTO. You need not to be sick to avail of the PTO unlike the previous 8 days sick leave allotment.
For everybody’s clarification,…
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E-mail and Memo
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"E-mail and Memo"

Download file to see previous pages Details of projects and information are casually shared since people from this group highly value interpersonal relationships. Trust is important in the communication process. Please keep in mind manner of tone and voice is observed by people from these culture(
People from this group communicate information that is only required by group members to accomplish a task. Information is brief and usually announced formally during meetings. This group is geared towards acting on something rather than just talking about it. This group is objective, critical and spontaneous. The way they express their thoughts are direct so people from high-context culture must adjust to this straightforward ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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E-mail protocol the protocol from ever denying having received or sent the message. iii. The protocol ensures that only the intended message is sent. E-mail Protocol Abstract The issue of security can never be overlooked in this digital age when it comes to corporate emails. A simple leakage of confidential information can create a huge social, economical and political scene that can be costly in terms of money. Therefore, the need to add value to delivery of important data over the internet to safeguard individual and corporate interests cannot be overemphasized. To guarantee delivery of email messages, it would be paramount to consider using certified mail and lay down stringent rules to govern...
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...1 The 20-year old Lance Cpl. Justin M. Ellsworth would not have opened an account in the Yahoo e-mail service had he been in the knowledge that the e-mail service provider Yahoo would not transfer e-mail accounts or reveal their details to others, unlike its competitors AOL and Hotmail, in the event of the death of an account holder (who owns your e-mails Para 8). Like thousands of his other countrymen and women, he too had opened his e-mail account in the Yahoo to keep in touch with his family, friends and relatives. The e-mail...
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...E-Mail Upgrade Project 1.0 Overview The Ohio Department of Human Services (ODHS) needed to upgrade its existing e-mail software. ODHS was using Version 7.0 of an e-mail software called Globalupgrades (a Worldviewupgrades product). The version’s support would have been phased out in another one year. ODHS evaluated several upgrade options to its existing e-mail software provided by different vendors, and finally selected Worldview Glocalcom product. The upgrade project was completed in 10 months as against a planned schedule of 9 months. Though there was a cost overrun, the upgrade project met the...
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1b: Financial Statements E-mail Memo
... Jan Waters Financial Advisor Re: Effect of expansion on Financial ments January 9, 2008 The financial activity of companies is stored in an accounting system in order to compile the data to then utilize it to create financial statements that illustrate the financial performance of a company. There are four basic financial statements: income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and the statement of retained earnings. This report describes the elements of financial statements and the effect online course offerings will have on the financial statements of the educational organization called Calliope. The income statement is the financial statement that shows how much a company generated in revenues and how many expenses... Jan Waters...
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5b: Leases E-mail Memo
... Jan Waters, Controller [insert here] Re: [insert the of the assignment here] [insert the here] _________________________________________________________________ Calliope faces many challenges as it undergoes a transformational strategic process of expanding into offering online courses. The results during the first quarter of offering online courses has been spectacular and opened the eyes of the decision makers at Calliope’s. In order for this small educational institution with limited resources to expand it must find innovative ways to obtain the resources in needs to comply with the demand for educational services. The organization needs to acquire need equipment and materials to be able to enroll more online students to take... Jan...
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6a: Business Segments E-mail Memo
...Jan Waters, Controller [insert here] Re: [insert the of the assignment here] [January 7, 2008] ________________________________________________________________ For this assignment, you will write a 250-word e-mail memo to Jan describing which criteria Calliopes online courses need to meet to be reported as a distinct segment of the company. Calliope has not reported business segments before, but the demand for its new online courses is high. Therefore, Jan would like to know what type of information is reported in connection with separate business segments of a company. Your e-mail memo should answer the following questions: What type of...
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6b: Interim Reports E-mail Memo
... Jan Waters, Controller Financial Advisor January 17, 2008 Interim Reports The company is required to prepare four interim reports every three months. The reports that must be prepared and made public are the income statement, the balance sheet, the statement of retained earnings, and the statement of cash flow. The integration of online course into Calliope’s revenue generation activities will immediately affect the quarterly results at the end of the quarter in which it was implemented. In comparison with the same quarter last fiscal year the revenues, expenses, net income should all increase. The offering of online courses creates a demand for greater supply of college professors to give these online courses. Labor cost... Jan Waters,...
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E-mail spams
...The OECD has published a toolkit on how to legislate to deal with spam. Explain the extent to which the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 meets the suggestions in Element One of the OECD toolkit on spam and analyse the policy reasons for any differences between the Act and the toolkit. In acknowledgment of the proliferation of communication technologies facilitating the socio-economic problems created by spam, the Joint ICCP-CCP Task Force on Spam was created to “assist in the further conduct and co-ordination on spam and obtain a more rapid consensus on a policy framework to tackle spam issues” (OECD., 2006, p.2) The task force on Spam was approved by the OECD and resulted in the OECD Anti-Spam Toolkit. The OECD’s... OECD has...
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Love E-mail
...Dear Stefan, I am sending you some photos from our wedding. I am glad to say that we all looked perfect and the weather was brilliant that day. Thanks for coming. By the way, do you remember me asking a favor last time regarding the interview I need to do about your job and hotel? My assignment is to find a company with three or more nationals working together. The focus of my assignment is to find out the cross-cultural communication issues in a company and how the problems are being resolved. Now isn’t it that you work in Dusit Thani hotel in Phuket, Thailand? We all love this hotel, and from outside view of a customer or guest your hotel provides best service around the island. As you have worked in the hotel business... Stefan, I am...
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E mail response
... Dear Dr. Sally smith, Re: Response regarding complaints and plans underway in the absence of Prof. Doe. It is unfortunate many students have misunderstood my strict guidelines and failed to raise the matter with me, so that, we may reach a satisfactory conclusion. Strict guidelines especially declining to offer makeup quizzes was to shun students’ laxity, whereby some evade classes faking they were ailing or giving lame excuses. Hence, take advantage of the tutors’ kindness. However, I have always been fair to students once they express the need for permission due to unavoidable circumstances in their lives, for instance, illness besides others. Similar to Prof. Doe’s policy, the issuance of instructional handouts takes place... Dear Dr....
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