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Child and health - Essay Example

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The purpose of this paper is to complete two activities and give a short personal reflection on issues that I have learned regarding these activities. The first activity to address is to give some insight on some of the issues facing children’s and young people’s nursing…
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Child and health
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"Child and health"

Download file to see previous pages has to say on these matters it is also the case that this paper will also provide some personal insight into the effectiveness as well as the relevance of these issues in our modern society.
According to an article published by Paediatrics (2009) one of the major issues facing Paediatric cancer survivors is long term follow care. According to the article it was the case that prior to the 1970’s most children dealing with cancer died as a result of the primary disease however as a result of improvements in medical technology the survival rates have increased dramatically. However as a result of this, what we can say is that long term care literature has only been developed in the last forty years. What was proposed by the article was a so called “Shared-care model” in which the duties of long term care is split between primary care providers as well as the cancer specialists postulating that routine health maintenance and meeting the emotional needs of survivors should be the responsibility of the primary care providers. Under this model the oncology specialist should be available as part of a routine to provide ongoing care in regards to any uncertainties that should arise with the long term care.
One of the most persistent issues of health promotion amongst juniors through teens is proper nutrition and exercise. On the Great Ormond Street Hospital (2010) there is a link to the healthy eating sections for each age classification for younger people (Juniors, kids and teens). Furthermore there are guidelines for these younger people and how they can adopt an exercise regime that can be best suited to their needs given a number of input variables (Current weight, current activity levels etc.) Lastly there is the promotion of an oft not quoted subsection of youth health which is mental health. There is little question that today’s youths face a unique set of challenges and fortunately it is the case that the Great Ormond Street Hospital offers a clear outline ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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