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The Great Gatsby - Essay Example

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While things seem to have been relatively straightforward in ancient days, one suspects perhaps this was the result of a single set of voices writing, the…
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The Great Gatsby
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"The Great Gatsby"

Download file to see previous pages As more and more minorities and women began adding their voices to the literary realm, ideas regarding identity became more confused and ill-defined as it became realized that who we are is often the result of how we interact with others. To understand how this realization of the sociological imagination was expressed, it is helpful to analyze how a master author of the period, F. Scott Fitzgerald, portrayed these ideas in his novel The Great Gatsby.
Sociological imagination is the way in which we stratify ourselves within our society and in how we develop our own identity. By linking our own personal experience with the collective understanding of what that represents, we are able to classify ourselves as well as others within specific social groups. It is upon this understanding that we form and understand our own identity. Three aspects of the sociological imagination include class, race and gender. Class is based upon a variety of factors including profession, income levels and educational attainment. People with a great deal of education are often identified as holding higher level professional positions and higher rates of pay than less educated individuals. While class is often considered quite flexible, race and gender remain difficult to change. Race is determined based on physical characteristics, but can also be influenced by ethnic concerns. Generally, ethnicity is considered to refer to a person’s national origin, language, religion, dietary practices or common historical heritage. Although race is inherited through the genes, ethnicity is the result of socialization from one generation to the next. Gender is a learned identification with a particular biological sex – male or female – while sexuality refers to the way in which people organize their world based on sexual identity. All of these things are used to help shape and compare ourselves with the people around us so that we can determine just what kind of person ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Great Gatsby
...Great Gatsby Introduction Many books that have been written by have represented the ideas of the society through tragic heroes. The novel Great Gatsby introduces readers to a tragic hero Jay Gatsby who has three traits that make him a tragic hero. He is a noble character who encounters many troubles to reach his dream, but he is defeated. The qualities possessed by Jay make him undergo different events until his down fall. He is a noble man because he is surrounded by lies and deceptions. Another quality that makes Jay a noble man is that he posses the qualities of morality. Jay is seen as a tragic hero because he posses the quality of a noble man...
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The Great Gatsby
...of the English of the Concerned 26 June The Great Gatsby A. There is no denying the fact that the quest for identity and success is a theme that has oft been repeated time and again in most of the literary works right from the Greek times to the contemporary era. In that context, the two celebrated works of literature that are The Great Gatsby and the Les Miserables do tend to delve on the quest for an identity by the two central characters that are the Gatsby and Jean Valjean. However, in the case of Gatsby, he metamorphoses from a man of meager means to a man of the world, with negligible moral constraints, where as in the case of Jean...
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The great gatsby
...The Great Gatsby In writing a work of literature, of different materials develop characters that help them to present their themes to readers so that they can speak to them. Although introduced late in the story, the character Gatsby in the Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby has made a lot of contribution and the story ends to revolve around him. The character Gatsby has made every effort to impact situations in the society by his actions and led him to achieve so much popularity among people. Fitzgerald has used the character Gatsby to develop the different themes in the novel and to represent things that...
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The Great Gatsby
...The Great Gatsby is almost completely dominated by the themes of time and memory and the inescapabable nature of the two. Intertwined in this is the sub-theme of discovery and re-discovery. Throughout the novel the inescapabable nature of the past is brought together with the way man discovers fresh ground and also rediscovers it with the new perspectives of experience. The whole tragedy of Gatsby and his failed love lies in the hold of his memories over his actions. The idea that the past is irrevocably bound up in the future and guides the longings and actions of men is very intense in this novel. It is a motif that is also shared by T. S. Eliot in his Four Quartets. In Burnt Norton,...
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The Great Gatsby The greater responsibility was Daisy’s, because she was breaking her vows. Gatsby had never vowed to the marriage, so should not be held responsible. Tom was materialistic as well. He wanted to live the good life. Tom treated Daisy like a trophy. He did not love her enough to remain faithful. Myrtle, his mistress, also did not make him happy. After drinking Tom breaks Myrtle’s nose in an argument. Nothing seems to make Tom happy. I think he is the saddest of all of the characters, due to the fact nothing would ever please him. Jordan is another typical rich socialite of the time. She plays golf. Although she dates Nick, she never expresses a great love for him. Jordan sets up the...
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The Great Gatsby
...GATSBY The plot of The Great Gatsby is a complicated and involving narrative retrospective in which Nick Carraway, the narrative character, is givenhindsight with which to reflect self-consciously on the other characters, described by him. This point of view is useful to the author because it lets him pass present judgments on events that occurred in the past while still providing a presence of immediate dialogue. Nick lives in West Egg, a fictional suburb of New York City, in a home that is apparently more than adequate to his needs, although he tends to disparage it, as it is not located in a fashionable area. Nick is obviously bound for greatness. He has moved from...
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The Great Gatsby
...Annotated bibliography The Great Gatsby Dickstein, Morris. Critical insights: The great Gatsby: by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Pasadena, Calif.:Salem Press, 2010. Print. The author, Dickstein Morris, offers the critical view of the novel, The Great Gatsby, through evaluation of the structure and themes in the book. The author highlighted biographical and literary influences on the narrative, and formalist advances dealt with the novels arrangement, viewpoint, signs, use of language, and so on. The novel received praises in a variety of approaches, both deeply theoretical, and no theoretical, have been evident in critics annotations. While many...
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The great gatsby
... The Great Gatsby Topic: With Jay Gatsby’s death is the American dream dead or not? The theme of thenovel relates to the death of the American Dream. In the 1920s that was not an ordinary dream. The author provides us with details of the lifestyles of people in high class as perceived by a young moralistic man, Nick Carraway. Narrator’s dealings and interactions with that society are a pointer how those modern values transformed American Dream’s well-intentioned pure ambitious goals into one that pursued aggrandizement for wealth with no holds barred approach. To elucidate this position, the author mentions the original American Dream and the current trends arguing how that glorious dream stands vanished from the map of America... these...
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The Great Gatsby
...The Great Gatsby: An Analysis Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” is one of the finely written masterpieces of the twentieth-century (Bewley 259). A bit unusual for contemporary American literature to use class as one of its central themes, The Great Gatsby presents an intriguing and aggressive story of Jay Gatsby’s pursuit of the American Dream through hopefulness and disappointment as keenly observed by his neighbor, Nick Carraway. A classic example of rags to riches, Gatsby later realized that his immense wealth cannot afford him the distinction that belongs exclusively to those born into the upper...
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The Great Gatsby
...The problem with the women in the novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ is that they don’t know what it means to be happy. They live a life being miserable and unhappy and yet they are unwilling to do anything about. They go around creating bigger problems to escape the life that they have instead of addressing the issues that they face. F. Scott Fitzgerald has created these women characters who do not value their marriages or their reputation. They have become a representation of how women always agree to what their husbands want and make them believe that they are obedient and the ideal wife but they actually have extramarital affairs under their husbands’ noses. This depiction of the stereotypical women roles is...
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