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Criminal Justice - Assignment Example

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Chronic offenders are sociopaths (Antisocial social personality disordered person) or psychopaths (Someone who has serious emotional or behavioral problems) who practice crime as their life style. Some people are born criminals whereas some others are becoming criminals because…
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Criminal Justice
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"Criminal Justice"

Download file to see previous pages Compared to other normal criminals, "chronic" offenders had an average of eight times more convictions for property offenses and six times more convictions for violent crimes (OLA). Chronic offenders may not keep any sympathy towards the victim while they execute their crime. They will execute their missions in a professional manner. Sympathy or relationships may not prevent chronic criminals from their illegal activities. Rules and social norms may not have much influence on chronic offenders.
Chronic offenders are not circumstantial criminals, but they are diseased persons. Circumstantial criminals always engage in criminal activities because of the circumstances in which they happen to be. On the other hand chronic offenders engage in criminal activities irrespective of the circumstances.
Apart from the sociological and psychological reasons, the major reasons for chronic offenses are bitter childhood experiences, bitter experiences from the beloved ones, struggle to find a livelihood, drug or alcohol addiction etc. A chronic offender is one way or other taking revenge upon the society for his ill fate. Such offenders perceive the society and its setup or norms responsible for the mishaps faced by them.
Chronic offenders might feel certain things as their basic right. For example, Sex maniacs visualize the opposite sex as an instrument to be used. They never bother about the rights of others and they give first and last priority to their wellbeing only. The needs and rights of others don’t have much influence in their activities. Inborn traits or life experiences might have devised such deviant mind set among the chronic offenders.
As mentioned earlier, chronic offenders are sociopaths or psychopaths. Psychopaths are unstoppable and untreatable human beings. They always engage in planned, purposeful and emotionless criminal activities (What Is a Psychopath?). Sociopaths are less dangerous compared to psychopaths. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Criminal Justice Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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Criminal Justice
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