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Bluetooth technology is protocol that is used for sharing or exchanging information using short wavelength radio waves over short distances according (2010). The technology can be applied in both mobile and fixed devices to create PANs (Personal Area…
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Bluetooth Technology Bluetooth technology is protocol that is used for sharing or exchanging information using short wavelength radio waves over short distances according (2010). The technology can be applied in both mobile and fixed devices to create PANs (Personal Area Networks).
The system basically consists of a base band, an RF transceiver and protocol stack. Simply put, the technology applies radio technology commonly known as frequency hopping spread spectrum. This technology “chops” up and transmits chunks of data in as much as 79 frequencies. Bluetooth can achieve a data transfer rate of one megabit per second. Bluetooth wireless technology has revolutionized the personal connectivity market as it provides the freedom to connect without using cables or wires.
Bluetooth wireless technology has a number of key features including its low cost, robustness, ease-of-use, built in security, ad hoc networking abilities and low power consumption (, 2010). Yet another adorable feature with the technology is that quite a number of its core features are optional which therefore allows room for product differentiation.
Originally, the technology was thought of as an alternative to data cables (, 2010). Bluetooth can be used to connect many devices and has overcome problems related to synchronization. In other words, the technology enables devices to connect remotely and exchange between themselves a variety of data classes.
Several products can be fitted with Bluetooth devices. Some of these include digital cameras, Global Positioning System receivers, personal computers, printers, telephones, laptops, mobile phones, high definition watches, stereo headsets, MP3 players, cars and video game consoles just to mention a few.
According to Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group), the consumer demand for the technology has continued to rise. In 2005, the technology achieved a milestone - shipping five million Bluetooth units per week (, 2005). This definitely implies that the technology has significant market traction. Since 1998 when Bluetooth Specification was first released, more than 3400 companies have become Bluetooth Special Interest Group members (, 2005). Some of these companies include Microsoft, Motorola, Toshiba, Nokia, Intel, IBM, Agere and Erickson.
According to the Zelos Group (2002), the use of Bluetooth has impacted mobile carrier revenue significantly ever since the technology first hit the market. The group predicted that Bluetooth, in 2006, would raise 3.2 billion USD and 2.6 billion USD in revenue for Western Europe and the United States respectively. The group further predicated that the cumulative revenue from Bluetooth in West Europe and the United states for PDAs would be 3.3972 billion USD 273.3972 billion USD, 7.9462 billion USD for notebooks, 1.05535 billion USD for headsets and 271 million USD for automotives.
Bluetooth technology which allows devices to remotely connect has greatly impacted lives and companies. Many companies have adopted the technology and included it in their products. As a result, these companies have made more sales which also translate to more profits. Also consumers of products fitted with Bluetooth devices have benefited from its low cost and low energy consumption features. The technology is also convenient for most people and offers people more freedom to connect compared to cable-based technologies.
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Zelos Group (2002) Measuring the market impact of Bluetooth. Retrieved 30 January, 2010 Read More
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