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'At the end of the day, competition is the only thing that motivates - the theories revisited' - Essay Example

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However in reality it engages a varied range of theories and opinions. There are quite a few approaches regarding the study of motivation. An inspection of those theories will make the…
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At the end of the day, competition is the only thing that motivates - the theories revisited
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Extract of sample "'At the end of the day, competition is the only thing that motivates - the theories revisited'"

Download file to see previous pages The responsibility of a manager lies in lifting employees from on level to the next one. The approval of primary or the basic needs does not create contentment; the denial of which however unleashes new phase of discontent. At this time the secondary requirements begin to take the control.
Physiological needs are the basic needs which a human being requires for his or her survival. This is the most powerful of all needs. This group includes need for oxygen, food, drink, protection from extreme temperature etc. In an organizational context the basic needs of an employee is represented by his concern for remuneration and fundamental working conditions. It is the responsibility of a manager to ensure the fulfillment of basic needs of the employees, so that the latter can strive to attain the next level in hierarchy. Once the primary needs are satisfied, safety needs arise as motivators. This set of needs correlate to factors like job security, safe working environment, salary increment etc. Managerial practices to ensure employees’ safety needs include insurance, pension scheme, provident fund, secured work conditions and many more. The needs for the sense of belonging and love comprise the third phase in the pyramid of needs. This type of needs manifests itself in the craving for compatible task group, acceptance from the peers, professional friendship and more on. Effective supervision with friendly behavior pays off. In an organizational environment self esteem comes from job title, challenging work, responsibility, and recognition from peers and supervisors. Self actualization is associated with the desire for excellence and scope for innovation in the job place. This theory has been highly appreciated for providing an effective tool to the managers in motivating their subordinates to strive towards excellence and innovation (Learning Southwest, n.d).
The dual factor theory was based on the survey conducted on approximately ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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('At the End of the Day, Competition Is the Only Thing That Motivates - Essay)
'At the End of the Day, Competition Is the Only Thing That Motivates - Essay.
“'At the End of the Day, Competition Is the Only Thing That Motivates - Essay”, n.d.
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