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In what ways does the newspaper media presentation of young black men affect the self perception of the young people themselves - Essay Example

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This study argues that the negative perceptions of many young black males of their own identities are constructed to a significant extent by the mass media, particularly the news media. The media appears preoccupied on a controversial idea that emerged particularly in the 1970s…
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In what ways does the newspaper media presentation of young black men affect the self perception of the young people themselves
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Extract of sample "In what ways does the newspaper media presentation of young black men affect the self perception of the young people themselves"

Download file to see previous pages Similarly, the entertainment media have willingly received their prompt from the members of the press, and these inaccurate representations not merely shape race relations but also generate a self-fulfilling prophecy for young black males, whose limitations of achievement can be fixed for them by presentations in the media (Johnson, Adams, Hall, & Ashburn 1997).
A widespread stereotype about young black males is that they take part in substance abuse in uneven numbers. Other widespread detrimental stereotypes portrayed in mass media involve the young black male as a drug addict and criminal; there is also a persistent depiction of the young black male intellectually inadequate (Larson 2005). An individual who carries the dishonour of group membership should be equipped for its incapacitating consequences. Studies suggest that young black males are aware that they are denounced as being cognitively inadequate and that they go to school carrying a ‘burden of suspicion’ (Larson 2005: 42), as it is referred to as by psychologist Claude Steele. Such a burden can influence their achievement, attitudes, and perception of their selves (Larson 2005). Likewise, studies discovered that when college men are admonished that their group is regarded inferior at math, their academic performance may realise this prophecy (Markowitz & Jones-Brown 2000).
These stereotypes stay with stigmatised individuals regardless of their accomplishments or status. They should remain vigilant and put up with an extra burden that may impinge on their self-esteem, ambitions, and performance. These stereotypes have the capability of depriving them of their individuality and weaken their efforts to escape from stigmatised roles (Markowitz & Jones-Brown 2000).
Even though Black news journalists and principal characters have been steadily growing in number, the significant majority of decision makers in the media remain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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