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Over use of antibiotics. Over use of antibiotics and hormones in animal feed. Lifting the veil on our nation's food industry, exposing how our nation's food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations - Research Paper Example

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At the same time it brought lot of problems also. The main problem associated with most of the scientific achievements is that these achievements are implemented of applied in human life…
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Over use of antibiotics. Over use of antibiotics and hormones in animal feed. Lifting the veil on our nations food industry, exposing how our nations food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations
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"Over use of antibiotics. Over use of antibiotics and hormones in animal feed. Lifting the veil on our nation's food industry, exposing how our nation's food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations"

Download file to see previous pages In other words, plastic has introduced and applied into many areas human life without a vision and proper evaluation of its negative effects.
Same way, we are using several artificial means to increase the yields of our food crops and animal products like meat, milk etc. Antibiotics and hormones are used extensively in animal feeds in order to increase the animal productivity and to avoid any possible diseases to the animals. At the time of feeding animals with overdoses of antibiotics and hormones, we may not think about the future consequences. The excess hormones and antibiotics given to the animals are entering our body when we use the animal products. We are unknowingly become the victims of our injudicious efforts to increase the productivity of the animals.
Malaysian Health Minister Datuk Chua Jui Meng has recently revealed that half the chickens sold in the country contained cancer-causing nitrofuran. US Food and Drug Administration has recently ordered the poultry and pork industry to stop treating stock with two nitrofurans (furazolidone and nitrofurazone), citing cancer risks (The dangers of antibiotics in animal feed). This paper briefly analyses the cons of feeding animals with antibiotics and hormones.
Margaret Mellon, Ph.D, JD, director of the food and environment programme for the Union of Concerned Scientists has mentioned that the effectiveness of antibiotic medicines on human body is diminishing due to increased use of hormones and antibiotics in animal feed. He has pointed out that the animals raised in natural environments require less hormones and antibiotics compared to others raised with the help of artificial means (US survey reveals most Americans unaware of antibiotics in meat). Overuse of antibiotics is dangerous to human body and we are consuming antibiotics on a regular basis directly to counter various types of diseases. On the other hand, unknowingly large ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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