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Admission Essays - need in 24 hrs - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This Admission Essay is intended to address personal and professional reasons that underpin my desire and firm belief to seek and attend a BS Program in Pharmacology& Toxicology from MCPHS, Boston. According to me, the best place to seek and seriously pursue medical education in…
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Admission Essays - need in 24 hrs
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"Admission Essays - need in 24 hrs"

Download file to see previous pages nderstanding for a rewarding and fulfilling career in Pharmacy, not ensure benefits, only for myself, but also for scores of people to whom I would be administering health care products and services.
I have chosen this institution because I have reasons to believe, that as this institution has the earliest and most number of pharmacy programs in this country, it believes in single-mindedly furthering the health care needs of the people, through state-of-the art facilities. Besides, by regularly upgrading and improving course curriculum, it presents a large number of multifaceted courses that seeks to slake the intellectual thirst of students and induces them to become more critical thinkers and fill up critical positions along a broad range of health care services.
I earnestly feel that by joining this course from a prestigious institution like yours, I would be doing the greatest service to my fellow country people to whom I would be offering professional health care services of the highest standards gained from your institution. Besides, as I mentioned earlier, Boston is the best place where one could pursue medical education with single-minded focus and dedication to this profession. It is the best place where I could pursue my studies with relative ease and whole time attention.
To be candid, I did not take life seriously at the early years of my life, which could explain why there are many withdrawals on my transcripts, but later on I have understood and absorbed the need for discipline, hard sustained work and a moderate life style which I am pursuing even till this day. To corroborate this I would like to state that I have gained good scores in my Pharmacy College Admission Test and I aim to better my scores in forthcoming examinations.
My short term goals are in terms of learning advancement and furthering my expertise in my chosen career field. My short terms goals would also include exposure to standard and innovative pharmacy related practices that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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