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Retail Design and Retail Merchandising - Thesis Example

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This strategy of emphasizing retail space design is expected to boost business profitability. Both the building envelope and interior features…
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Retail Design and Retail Merchandising
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Extract of sample "Retail Design and Retail Merchandising"

Download file to see previous pages The retail business group has been at the receiving end of numerous innovations that are being produced in the process of the evolution of architectural features. Foremost of these are those new technologies and theories that will help attract new and retain current customers for future business operations.
In addition, the profile of the modern customer has also evolved and diversified, demanding more from their purchases and more from the establishment that they get these merchandises from. The offshoot is that retail specific features have become essential to creating a competitive edge over business rivals.
Generally, the two major design components that a retailers store must focus on are i) the physical design of the interior (walls, structures, etc.) and ii) The design of a favorable environment for effective visual communications.(Retail Systems, n.d.) Thus a good retail unit must be able to create the synergy between technologies and design to achieve optimal delivery of consumer service and increased margins in the business. Some of the specific inventions in retail system designs are (i) reliable and secure systems based on efficient automation and (ii) environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions (Salvador, et al., 2006).
Every retail store needs to address multiple aspects of design issues ranging from systems that ensure customer retention to the mechanisms that effectively monitor shoplifting and employee pilferage. The most basic aspect in providing a memorable shopping experience for the customer is keeping the store and its surroundings neat and clean. Though thorough maintenance is the least expensive method in attracting and retaining the customers, it is found to be the most difficult to effectively implement and maintain.
The above facts highlights why lighting is crucial in the design of the retail ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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