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The implementation of the information systems in the business and corporate structures has offered a tremendous advantages and ROI (return on investment). In addition, at the present time, the information systems have turned out to be strongly linked with business operations and…
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Analysis Phase Of System Development Life Cycle
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Download file to see previous pages There is aim regarding implementing a new information technology system at ABC Company, which is an accounting enterprise. The main intention of this implementation is to minimize the information management complexity and improve the overall working systems flexibility to get better working performance and functionality. In addition, this report presents detailed and comprehensive analysis of implementation of an IS (information system) and critically assess the analysis phase of the overall SDLC (software development lifecycle) of this information system for the ABC Company. Here system development life cycle is a group of activities those are aimed to develop the whole project. The main intention of the SDLC is to provide a complete framework regarding the development of the whole system product. In this scenario system development moves through each stage of development and offers a better system development output. The analysis phase of the SDLC is the initial phase of system development. In this phase we analyze the whole system regarding its requirements, feasibility and development areas.
At the present, the business of ABC accounting enterprise is functioning by using the traditional ways of business management (i.e. paper based, decentralized legacy systems). However, the modern and up-to-date techniques for the business and corporate technology have allowed the higher management to think about the new business technology implementation at the corporate structure. The main intention behind the development and implementation of the modern and up-to-date techniques of information technology in the business and corporate structures is to enhance the overall corporate performance and enhanced management of the business data.
The current era is known as the age of information technology as IT is playing basic and major roles in almost every field of life. In addition, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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