How collaborative media technologies can be used in the planning, design, development and delivery of multimedia projects - Essay Example

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The current collaborative media techniques for sharing facilitates a user in finding out media items, for instance recordings, music, pictures, play lists, video games. In addition, it also involves media devices or players (devices those are able regarding storing, receiving…
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How collaborative media technologies can be used in the planning, design, development and delivery of multimedia projects
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Download file to see previous pages vious limitations in accessing media and sharing methods are now resolved through the implementation of the contemporary collaborative media and associated sharing and recommendation methods, because, the contemporary collaborative media methods utilize agents on media players/devices to enlarge the extent of media sharing situations (Lamoureux & Rehak, 2007). The method supports a client in finding out media items and which are appealing to the user. The collaborative media commendation and sharing method contemporaneously find out a users media preferences foundational on media stored on a group of media devices as well as suggest media for potential sharing foundational on these assessable regarding user preferences (Diercks-O’Brien & Sharratt, 2002). The emergence of new technology for the development, designing and planning has offered a huge number of advantages to developers. In addition, at the present, we have a lot of applications those are helpful in collaboration and mutual data sharing. A project is a collection of various similar activities. All the activities are involved with each other, especially in multimedia projects. So the collaboration is the main thing in the successful implementation or completion of a multimedia project. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the new and more effective aspects of the collaboration technology and it’s utilization for the better project development and implementation. This paper presents a detailed analysis and investigation of the collaborative media technologies that can be used in the planning, designing, development, and delivery of multimedia projects.
According to Kellerman (2009) a multimedia project is a substantial task that requires effective planning, management and organization of tasks. In this scenario we need to pay greater attention to management and handling of the multimedia project. A successful outcome relies on the time as well as effort that we spend in planning the project in an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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