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Instructor Date Social Media and Technology in Learning Introduction The contemporary society is characterized by the increased adoption and application of information and communication technologies in the social, educational, economic and political systems (Tay and Matthew 151)…
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Social Media and Technology in Learning
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Download file to see previous pages It has been argued that instead of removing the social media from the learning process, it should be merged with technological tools to enhance the learning experience of the learners who are already enthusiastic about the use of social media (Blankenship 39). On the other hand, opponents of the use of social media in the classroom have argued that it would be distractive to the leaning process (Ahn 147). Nonetheless, it has been revealed that combination of technology and social media and effective use of these technologies will enhance the learning experience of students and promote their creative thinking, participation, collaboration and sharing of ideas (Hsiu-Ting and Yuen 712). In the light of these arguments, this research paper gives a critical analysis and discussion of the combination of technology and social media in education. The view of the research paper is to demonstrate that it is possible to achieve an effective combination of these technologies to promote the learning processes and achievement of learning outcomes by students in the most effective and efficient manner. Enhanced Communication in Education Processes Research findings have revealed that over 80% of learners in tertiary education are active users of social media networks (Markauskaite 80). More importantly, it has been demonstrated that more than half of the social networking site users use these sites as tools which promote communication during learning process (Tay and Matthew 156). Because technology and education applications including online information resources are used within the education system and supported by the curriculum, it is thus arguable that technology should be combined with social networking for more enhanced learning processes. The communications which have been registered among students who use social networking sites include posts on Facebook walls on educational activities among learners (Wankel 254). Additionally, social blogs have been created where students post questions and thus seek for assistance from other students which eventually promotes the learning process (Ahn 148). Such application demonstrates the combination of technological tools such as the internet and social networking for effective communication of educational material. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been used by learners to post links to group websites, wikis and blogs in which educational material is shared and information of studies exchanged effectively (Markauskaite 79). The communication which social media reveals among peers with the same educational interests thus reveal that information and communication technology can be combined with social media to enhance a more efficient and effective communication process. It has been further found that within higher learning institutions, learners connect with each other through social media with a view of tracking the education activities such as classes, projects, lab work, assignment and seminars (Blankenship 40). Furthermore, student representatives within a class have been said to be active communicators of education activities and programs to learners via posts on Facebook and Twits (Markauskaite 78). Nonetheless, it has been argued that the communication which is demonstrated within social media is less education and more social and as a result it cannot warrant its application within the educat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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