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Written Assignments - nursing - Essay Example

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The mission of the ANA is assure that there are enough qualified and educated nurses to fill the needs of healthcare in this country. They intend to do that by assuring that the needs of the American Nurse are met in their workplace through salary, benefits, and general…
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Written Assignments - nursing
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Download file to see previous pages ice of both the RN and the advanced practice RN and they will continue to seek federal funding for education and training and assure every nurses right to bargain for compensation and working conditions.
b. ANCC certification is important because it opens doors. It validates skills and increases salaries. According to the AMA website, the certification can mean $9,000 increase over other nurse salaries. Governing boards, insurers, and military, as well as healthcare providers throughout the country see this as a testament to the competency of the nurse with the certification.
b. There are many factors affecting the nursing shortage. Many nurses that are presently working are getting ready to retire. The average age has continued to increase over the last few years. For many years the numbers of nursing schools declined as the numbers of people declined as well as hospitals. Now it is a game of catch up to get enough nursing schools, train enough instructors and improve salaries and benefits in such a way that it is attractive to enough people.
c. The State of California has been increasing the numbers of RN graduates at a steady pace. They have managed that by increasing state funding to nursing programs, for equipment, and for instructional technologies. They are also studying the career paths that nurses are taking when graduating so they can begin to change patterns of education where needed.
a. The RN is a dynamic member of the healthcare team, contributing to diversity an culture. The RN is able to collaborate with all of the stakeholders in the healthcare system as the advocate for her patients care and for delivery of quality healthcare.
b. The goal of the education of an Associate Degree nurse is to create a well defined pathway into the field of nursing. It is a continually evolving need created by the healthcare community around them. The basic tenants that are taught are quality patient care, advocacy for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Written Assignments - Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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