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Ive got some SPSS data (graphs and tables etc) can be found in a word file named (the data) and need to be analysed and interpreted in the form of writing - Assignment Example

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SPSS is the statistical package used for the analysis. Two tasks were defined to compare the usage and importance given to the English language in private and state…
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Ive got some SPSS data (graphs and tables etc) can be found in a word file named (the data) and need to be analysed and interpreted in the form of writing
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Extract of sample "Ive got some SPSS data (graphs and tables etc) can be found in a word file named (the data) and need to be analysed and interpreted in the form of writing"

Download file to see previous pages The study is reduced to the involvement of only two ordinal variables and hence statistical designs using two-variables are only used to obtain results.
It has to be mentioned that at the time of the original data collection, private schools had the reputation of being better and more progressive than state schools with respect to English teaching. The first research hypothesis intends to analyze the importance given by teachers to explain the meaning of new English words to students. That is, there is difference between state and private schools in the extent to which teachers explain the meaning of new words in English; specifically teachers will explain words in English more in the private school. The design involves only two independent groups and the dependent variable is the score or rating.
The descriptive statistics (Table 1) shows that the study involved 108 students, 67 belonging to the state schools and 41 belonging to private schools. The average of the rating given by the private school students (0.5366) is greater than that of the public school students (0.4627).
A frequency chart (Fig. 1) was produced to compare the ratings the given by the students between state and public schools on the extent to which teachers explain the meaning of new words in English. The least rating was 0 representing never and 3 representing always. It is noticed that nearly 40 students of the state schools claimed that their teachers never explained the meaning of the English words. Nearly 44 students of the private schools claimed that their teachers either never or seldom explained the meaning of the English words. Only 1 student agreed that the teachers always explained the meaning.
The independent samples T test is used to test the equality of the above given averages. The Levene’s test also is used to find whether the assumption of homogeneity of variables is satisfied. Table 2 shows the results. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ive Got Some SPSS Data (graphs and Tables Etc) Can Be Found in a Word Assignment.
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