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Using Excel and SPS in a Major Research Paper - Assignment Example

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The author of the paper examines Excel and SPS packages used for Major Research Paper. It is necessary to make the best use of the data and ensure that the spreadsheet program used for analysis gives all the tools you need for accurate, effective analysis…
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Using Excel and SPS in a Major Research Paper
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Extract of sample "Using Excel and SPS in a Major Research Paper"

Download file to see previous pages Consider the nature of your own data, and the results you will need from your analysis – you will have to support and explain the claims you make in your research paper. Remember that you will have to communicate your findings clearly to a reader, so the analysis of your data and subsequent presentation of your findings must be clear and accurate. The data analysis package you use must be able to help you fulfill these requirements.

Microsoft Excel allows the capture of a large amount of data. This program lets you enter data into 1 million rows, in 16 000 columns. If you were to use all the “space” available to you in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, you may need extra tools to help you manage and analyze such huge volumes of information.

This package extends the capabilities of Excel 2007 by including specialized tools in the package. All your data management, Access, and analysis needs may be met by this program. Importantly, even if you do not have extensive personal knowledge of Statistics, the SPSS statistical techniques will help you understand and work with your data.
For example, you can examine recency and frequency within this program, guided entirely by the Wizards it features. Hence, while you can manage and explore your data fairly easily with the Wizards, you can also find values in your spreadsheets, and analyze your data, no matter the size of your spreadsheet. In my opinion, using the SPSS functionalities helps to perform a number of tasks more efficiently. The following list of comments will explain my meaning more clearly:

In Excel, descriptives, statistical requirements, and frequency data can be managed with some of the program’s standard functions. SPSS enables this analysis to take place much more quickly and simply.

It is sometimes difficult to find full sets of statistical tests in Excel, and working with these tests can be challenging. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Using Excel and SPS in a Major Research Paper Assignment.
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