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Health Psychology Committee Report - Essay Example

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Accordingly, healthcare practitioners have a better understanding of the significant health-related issues afflicting people throughout the world today than ever before…
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Health Psychology Committee Report
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Download file to see previous pages lth Psychology Committee has been mandated with the task of developing a psychiatry division to further enhance our response to mental health issues within the community. The following is results of our health psychology action plan.
Seeking to hire and train five additional hospital-associated psychologists with the task of dealing with the wider community in a variety of health-related roles, the following recommendations will be made understanding that health and society are interrelated variables which work together to promote a healthy community. Accordingly, the committee understands and takes into account the important role that society has on the health status of members of its community. Accordingly, “on a fairly broad level, our society affects the health of individuals by promoting certain values of our culture.” (AUTHOR, 14) Individualist health promotion programs aim to address the health concerns of individuals while structuralism health promotion programs are focused upon addressing health trends such as the outbreak of HIV among high school students, or addressing the mental health issues across a cross-section of society. The social model of health explores both individuals and the social population in determining our conception of health. According to this theoretical paradigm, improved health can be improved by looking at the key environmental and social aspects of what constitutes positive health. This is a theoretical model which has recently gained credence due to its emphasis on social determinants of health. With this in mind, the report aims to specify duties for the five hospital-associated psychologists keeping in mind the interconnectedness of health status and society. Thus, a sociological perspective on health will frame this report. Accordingly, the following positions will need to be filled by the committee: substance abuse counselor; inpatient-only psychologist; child psychologist; adult psychologist. Each of these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Health Psychology Committee Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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