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The company was started in 1998, and over the years has grown to be present across the world. The company lists on the NYSE and the stock of the company as of 14th January 2010 quote…
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Initial public offering (federal express) session long project module 1
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Chosen Company – Federal Express:
Overview of Company:
Federal Express (FedEx), is basically a logistics company and is based out of the United States. The company was started in 1998, and over the years has grown to be present across the world. The company lists on the NYSE and the stock of the company as of 14th January 2010 quote at $86.29. The company employees as many as 140,000 people worldwide and the company have recorded sales of $35,497.0 as of 2009. The company has earned a gross profit of 25,254.0 as of May 2009. The company is led by Fredrick Smith, the Chairman, President and CEO. The major completion for the company is from DHL International, United Parcel Services and United States Postal Service (FedEx, 2010).
The main reason for choosing this company is to due to the size and extent of the company. The company operates worldwide which provides a vaster and larger possibility to learn about the company and the various developments that it entails. The other reasons why this company has been chosen include the fact that the company holds a major share in the market, and the company has developed its business to such a great extent that it is recognized worldwide. FedEx not only provides express delivery business but also provides small package ground delivery as well. The company also provides a wide range of document related as well other business services. One other reason to choose this company is the type of IPO that they used. The company went in for an IPO to become public and to be listed in the New York Stock Exchange. This makes it a better company to study and allows a more focused view on how the company expands and improves the overall business.
FedEx’s IPO:
An initial public offering plays a major role in every business. In the case of FedEx, the company had its IPO on 12th April 1978 and the share price was $24 per share. The company has been trading on the NYSE since 28th December 1978 and uses the symbol of FDX. The company went in for a public offering in 1978 to raise enough capital and to also be listed in the New York Stock Exchange. The company used the IPO to set up the stock price. In 1978 when the company decided to go public, they used the IPO to distribute the shares of the company to public. Here once FedEx registered with the SEC, the company worked with investment banks to sign the contract and to be able to sell the shares of the company (Stock Market Investors, 2010). The contractors would need to provide an agreement which shows that they agree to underwrite the distribution of the shares (Chechile, 2004). Once the two parties had agreed to an initial price, then the stocks were left open for sale. This led the company to raise enough funds to develop and launch the COSMOS, i.e. Customers, Operations and Services Master Online System (FedEx TimeLine, 2010).
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