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Initial public offerings corporate finance 501 case assign 1 - Essay Example

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The types of IPO used by different companies are different. This paper aims at discussing the best option that E – Bay can use for Skype. The paper will detail the…
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Initial public offerings corporate finance 501 case assign 1
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Download file to see previous pages This is the recommended option for the company as the online auction enables more bidders to participate and will also allow the investors to gain the joy and satisfaction of wining. The online auction has been defined as, ‘Online auctioning is the process whereby users log onto a website and bid for items or services posted on this website by other users. The way online auctioning works is similar to normal auctioning outside the cyber world, but has allowed the auction to reach a much greater audience’ (Newton). The option is very flexible and it allows a vast number of people to participate in the auction. There will be lower levels of time and there will also be higher levels of flexibility for the investors to invest from any part of the world.
Skype will most likely attract customers which include large mutual funds, technical investors, professional investors, foreign investors, large organizations and institutions and the pension managers. The Large mutual funds and the pension managers are mostly likely to be highly attracted to this online auction due to the simple fact that there will be no quota on the amount of shares that they can buy. In terms of the technical investors there will be a sense of interest in the Skype stock as the prices will be low and these will the way to target this group of people. Professional investors will seek to bid close to the lowest prices and make a major investment in the company. Large investors will seek to get large chunks of the shares and since there are not geographical boundaries, foreign investors will also like to make some purchases. In short the dominance of large institutional investors or the favorite investors of underwriters will be interested in the stock and will be aim at investing as much as possible as it will be very beneficial and fruitful in the long run (Salkind). Each of the above mentioned have a certain amount of direct interest in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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