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Business Plan Sinner Party Company Executive Summary For Sydney drinking and pubs are a very essential element of the social fabric (Rawlings-Way, 2010); weather it is after a long day at work, taking time off the beach or just for an entertaining time in the town…
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Based on a business model, write a business plan
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"Based on a business model, write a business plan"

Download file to see previous pages Sydney has a very active nightlife but most bars located near the Harbour area are expensive and crowded, clients are frequently confronted with unpleasant strangers who have had too much to drink and noisily beeping poker machines. Sinner Party Company would provide their clients with the freedom to choose a private bar service at their own venue, a bar in premises provided by the company, bar supplies, a menu of their preference and even their own guest list, so client has absolutely nothing to worry about except having a good time. The unique offering of the company is that they are licensed to provide sales and service on a mobile basis across Sydney, thus Sinner Party Company can set up a shop at venues that do not hold a liquor license such as the client’s homes. The company would provide bar services for weddings, corporate or private parties. The company is a dedicated project of two enterprising state-licensed individuals who have had more than 10 years of experience in the industry, a team of professionally trained bar tenders, a dedicated creative team. From professional services, wide selection of menu items, themed parties, to exceptional decor and music SPC can customize any soiree to the needs of their client and give them a memorable event. The company requires financial assistance from bank (s) which would be payable over a period of 10 years as the business prospers. Table of Contents Business Plan 1 Sinner Party Company 1 Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 2 1.Background 4 1.1.Mission Statement 4 1.2.Company History 4 1.3.Business Goals of the Firm 5 2.Marketing 6 2.1.Market Research 6 2.2.Market Analysis 6 2.3.Industry Trends 6 2.4.Seasonal Variations 7 2.5.Competition 8 3.SWOT Analysis 9 4.Marketing Mix 10 5.Operations and Production 12 5.1.Licensing Requirements for a business in Sydney 12 Certificate of Registration of a Club 12 Club Licence (Liquor) 12 Food Standards Code 12 APRA Licence - Recorded Music for Dance Use in Nightclubs 12 Approval to Connect a Private Drain or Sewer with a Public Drain or Sewer 12 Approval to Dispose of Waste into a Public Sewer 12 Australian Business Number Registration (ABN) 12 Compliance Certificate 12 Employer Requirements - Superannuation Guarantee 12 Fair Work Information Statement 12 Final Fire Safety Certificate 12 National Business Name Registration 12 Notification of a Food Business 12 Occupation Certificate 12 5.2.Obtaining a Liquor license 12 5.3.Organizational Chart 13 5.4.Plant and Equipment 14 6.Financial Forecasting 15 6.1.Forecasting Profitability 15 6.2.Forecasting Assets, Financing Requirements and Cahs Flows 17 6.3.Labour Costs 20 7.Time Line for SPC 21 8.Life Cycle of Business 22 9.References 23 Appendix 25 1. Background Since colonisation the pub has been an integral part of the Australian culture, for both social and economic reasons (Kirkby, 1997). Kirkby (1997, p. 19) further writes that pub keeping had a central role in colonisation because it provided a place to stay, eat and socialize to travellers and outlying settlers, and eventually became the centres of towns and an essential part of European identity. Since 1990s there was a gradual liberalisation of pubs and nightclubs in Australia because: firstly the pub hours increased and second there was massive expansion in NSW and Victoria where the regulatory requirement of accompanying food with drinks was abandoned (Blocker et al., 2003). Sydney is the financial hub of Australia; it is the home to most major banks and multinational corporations ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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