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Case study on Dobai World company - Essay Example

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The company has played an important role in the economic growth of the region. There are four major areas where the organization operates and these are transport and logistics, urban development and…
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Case study on Dobai World company
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand there are three companies namely Nakheel, Limitless and Leisure Corporation which are operating in urban development sector. In financial service sector there are Istithmar world and Dubai multi commodities centre (Dubai World, n.d.).
DP world is involved in operating marine terminals, whereas Dry Docks and Dubai maritime city are involved in creating maritime and ship-building hub in Dubai. EZW runs several free economic zones across the world. Leisure Corporation is involved in investment and development of various opportunities in leisure and sports industry. All these companies are working under Dubai World Company.
Careful investment and pragmatic acquisitions are two major drivers of the business strategy of Dubai World Company. Company’s strategies are developed with the objective of delivering measureable and real results to the stakeholders. Being one of the largest organizations in the world, Dubai World Company always focus on three major factors while making any strategy. These three are corporate objectives, social responsibility and environmental conservation. Each and every company of Dubai World has separate strategies which enable them to succeed in their respective industry. DP world’s strategies are always focused on profitable growth across the world by continuously meeting its commitments towards its customers and people. On the other hand Leisure Corporation is a leading golf company in the world. As a result its strategies are made with the objective of becoming the largest golf company in the world. Company believes in partnership strategy. The company is a long term strategic partner of European Tour. The company is also involved in ski resort and marina sector.
Dubai World’s business strategies have always included expansion strategy. In 1999, the company first took major expansion strategy to capitalize on the overseas market. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Case Study on Dobai World Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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