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Matrix Organization Structure in Jebal Ali Harbor - Case Study Example

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This paper "Matrix Organization Structure in Jebal Ali Harbor" focuses on the flexibility that is one of the major characteristics of the Jebal Ali Harbor project, which entailed numerous and major changes from the initial project plan, to a completely different project execution plan, which eventually delivered project success, while saving on time and resources. …
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Matrix Organization Structure in Jebal Ali Harbor
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Download file to see previous pages The whole project was very complex, owing to the nature of the land terrain on which the project was undertaken, coupled with the immense risks involved, such as the risk of gulf fall.
The Jebal Ali Harbor project was characterized by lack of bureaucracy, where the major decisions that were made impromptu, did not require bureaucratic procedures to be approved but were immediately rendered to tests and assessments, after which they were easily approved if they proved economical and feasible. Communication among the project team members was also smooth, despite the fact that the project comprised of diverse experts and contractors with different experiences and specializations. This enhanced the team coordination and promoted the project success.
“Matrix organization structure” refers to a structure of an organization that has operations running from different locations, but the structure of the management team is arranged such that the top management is only located in the organization’s major office or headquarters, while the low-level managers are based on different site locations, where the organization has some businesses running, and the chain of command flows from the different locations. Pauling plc. is a good example of a contractor operating a “matrix organization structure”, with the top management of the company; the managing director based in London, the general manager based in Dubai, and the manager of the project based at the site location; Jebel Ali, where the construction process is ongoing. In the Pauling’s case, the chain of command is such that, the Managing Director based in London makes crucial decisions regarding the project, while the general manager implements the decisions through delegating the same to the manager of the project on site. Nevertheless, both the project manager and the general manager make relevant decisions, based on the project situations, while consulting the same with the managing director.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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